Why Preservation Plus Is Worth It.

Lets talk Preservation Plus.

-How do we stop destroying buildings for new parking lots? By promoting bicycling and sustainable transportation.
-How do we reduce the burden of gas bills in the winter in old, historic homes? By teaching energy efficiency.
-How do we promote community revitalization in areas that have little hope? By sharing ideas on whats worked.


Preservation Plus Is Worth Attending.

The conference is during the evenings all next week, except Friday, which is all day! This conference is raising the bar and asking questions that are important to our community as it changes and grows.

The sessions are amazing – community beer works, psych ward tours, central terminal restoration field sessions… heck, even the greeks are getting involved with a tour of their church on Delaware ave.

The conference is only $95 dollars. It includes the sessions, a ticket to museums by moonlight, lunch, speakers, a PBN membership and an endless amount of inspiring and innovative ideas to take home with you.

The Buffalo’s Young Preservationists have said this well – maybe one day all of this focus on these topics will create demand and in turn, create a demand for more jobs. Don’t we all want the cool urban planning jobs? Of course! Attending Preservation Plus will help push that overall effort forward.

http://www.presplusbuffalo.com <– Register today. The sessions are limited!



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