The Last Conversation.

A year ago today, I had a feeling to go see my dad mid afternoon – something I never do. I picked some tomatoes from the garden, grabbed a couple of double double coffees from Sweetness and drove to NF where he has been in a nursing home under hospice care. When I arrived, he was awake and hanging out with my mom… alert and fairly happy. 

We drank our coffees and asked me how the painting was coming on my house. I complained that I couldn’t finish painting the peak and railings because I was short and afraid of heights…. and he lost it! My dad (who wasn’t ever known for giving advice) loudly said I should never give in because of my size and that I just had to find the right tools. He told me to get a good ladder, a couple of extender polls and duct tape and make it work. “You’re a Radle”… is something he proudly said to me many times. He wasn’t a big guy but managed to paint houses, fix roofs, etc…all his life. He refused to let me give in. I agreed – he was right. 

He passed away the next morning. 

Once the dust settled down, I knew what I had to do. I bought myself a fancy ladder and better tools, gathered the courage needed and finished nearly all the hard painting this summer – except the peak. This time it wasn’t ignored or delayed by fear, it’s just been timing but no worries, I’ll get to it soon, I’m sure. 

I miss him more than I ever thought I would but I’m thankful for being a “Radle”.

 Here are a couple of photos… 

Taking Back My Mornings : Week 1 recap. 

What a week! 

I challenged myself to a new routine of waking up early, being disciplined about my schedule and eating habits while surrounding myself with all kinds of inspiration to keep my day filled with focus and direction. 

I’m going to keep this going to make it a routine!

What worked: 

Waking up early and getting to the office around 6:30am felt amazing. I felt more accomplished in two hours than I do in 8 on some days – which helped to maintain my control when randomness and stress crept in. In real estate and property management – the chaos is often what controls the day! 

Protein in the morning! Why hasn’t anyone suggested this before? One protein smoothie and a banana will keep me going from 6am – noon. It helps keep my body energy feeling stable – the energy is consistent throughout the day. I also found that my favorite protein shake is the chocolate bolthouse one. 

Writing down your goals every morning. This is a no brainer. Easy and effective!  

Podcasts for inspiration… has some awesome podcasts on entrepreneurs, start ups, business, etc. I love that website – it’s what started this whole #takingbackmymornings thing! I really enjoyed this new podcast called How I built it featuring the owner of Spanx. Man, she is amazing! 

Afternoon meetings only. This is a great idea – why interrupt your morning when you’re the most productive?! 

Afternoon caffeine only. This is tough but I liked how I felt after a few days. Coffee in the am is amazing but I do feel more hydrated and energetic with the protein shakes instead. 

What didn’t work: 

I can’t seem to wake up before 5:45. Some CEOs start at 5am?!. Also, early calls means less focus on my hair, which is fine because I love my top knot bun but you do have to plan ahead – lay out your clothes, do your hair in the am, etc. 

Dinner fail. What should I do for dinner? I found myself eating garbage but wanting healthy without spending a ton of cash. Warning: I don’t cook. 

6am starts… 6/7/8pm finishes = 12 to 14 hour days. I need to learn to get exercise in and leave a bit earlier, if possible. I worked 47.5 hours in 4 days. Although I felt great and I love doing what I’m doing, I do need to learn when to pull away. 

Weekends in general really throw a wrench in discipline. But weekends are for sleeping in and relaxing, right? 

Winter. What happens when you want to sleep in during the cold winter months?! I could easily see myself opting to snuggle in bed over work. 

Photos from the week: 

Taking Back My Mornings – Day 4. [killin it!]

Happy Friday!

Let’s start with some inspiration… I like this article on building your personal brand – it’s definitely the world we live in! 

Update: So, it’s Friday and I worked 47.5 hours in 4 days but instead of thinking I got nothing done because my head is spinning due to distractions – I feel energetic and on solid ground!

This new schedule and diet is working – the 6am work start with zero interruptions is crazy good. The protein shakes keep me full until noon. Today was filled with expected distractions but even when I was thrown a few large curveballs – I still handled it with ease.  

I ended day 4 with a call that solidified my next large project – a co development endeavor which I’ll discuss soon. It’s an exciting one – one that will help lift me up where I need to be. 

I set my alarm for 6:30am – I suppose I should sleep in on Saturdays? Hahah. 

Anyhow, here is a pic of exactly how I feel. Next week I’m adding exercise into this schedule. XO!

Taking Back My Mornings  – Day 3!

Day 3 Recap: Awesome! Why? Because I got a lot done and for the first time in a long while, I had enough time to eat dinner and watch a movie with Drew. (We watched Brooklyn, it was good!)

Day 3: 

6:15am at work – successfully had 2 hours of quiet time to knock work out. I’m starting to get used to waking up early! I wrote down my goals, drank a chocolate protein shake and worked through a lot of stuff. We had environmental testing all day at a building I have under contract to purchase so sticking with discipline and schedule wasn’t an option but I kept to my values / goals as much as I could. I left the office around 6pm.

environmental testing!

Eating Healthy
Over the last week, I’ve found that the following routine keeps my energy steady all day. The ups and downs are nearly zero!

  • Water and a protein shake in the AM only. 
  • A whole grain bagel with peanut butter for lunch.
  • Small snacks throughout the afternoon include yogurt, string cheese, a banana and a cliff bar. 
  • Limiting caffeine to the afternoons, too (for the most part!). 
  • Of course I had ETS for dinner …😳

Regardless, eating less seems to keep me at a steady, high energy all day. I don’t feel weighted down!  

My Ideal schedule: I’ve read a lot about what business owners / entrepreneurs do to maximize time. This seems to be the ideal schedule based on what I’ve read… obviously this week has been me trying to see if it works for me and my body. So far I have no complaints! 

  • 6am – 10am: Focused work. No meetings. No distractions. High priority stuff. No email. Limited social media. Remember: output not input. 
  • 10am – 11am : work out of some sort (tbd) to refresh the mind after intense focus.
  • 11am – 1pm: Office stuff (meetings, lunch, social media, email, discussing projects, etc..) 
  • 1pm – ? : meetings, emails, errands, etc. Moving ideas forward, emails back and forth, calls, etc. Get home or still have time to make up hours on some projects! 

Important to mention: I have to start eating better dinners. Suggestions on protein shake making and / or exercises are welcome! And, I can’t forget to squeeze time in there for daily podcasts – I’ve really been into finding entrepreneur type podcasts…. It keeps me going! 

That’s it for now. Xo! 

Taking Back My Mornings – Day 2! 

 Did you read the article I linked in the last post? 

I’m calling it my #takingbackmymornings challenge. 

I often wake up late, throw my hair in a bun, don’t eat until noon and live on coffee. I have found myself to be grumpy and stressed constantly. Expanding my business means I have little extra time and a life filled with good / bad / unexpected distractions …. So this is my attempt to use my mornings as a way to be hyper focused in order to get ahead, save myself some stress and get the next project in gear! 

Here is the overall idea on how this works. 

1. No meetings until after noon. Why? Mornings are about output – not input. It’s when your brain and body are more focused. I use brain music found at to keep my mind focused – it’s ridiculous and amazing. 

2. Get to the office early with a plant based protein shake in hand. Target goal: 6am. This gives me 3 hours to get work done and the protein helps keep hunger down and energy up! 

3. Write down all my goals for the day / week. The first hour goes to something I never have time for but want to make time for. Things I’ve been pushing off – business card design, a PowerPoint for an upcoming conference, etc. The remaining 2 hours go to top priority work items that have to get done. 

4. 10am break for exercise (still haven’t done this yet!). 

5. No coffee or caffeine until afternoon. 

6. Eliminate distractions: If you want to talk, it’s got to wait. Write it down in an email. No Facebook. No pop in meetings. 

7. Afternoons are for email, meetings, calls, etc. all the distractions, chaos, etc… Feels better when you know you got a lot done earlier.
So how am I doing? Day 2: 

I loved how much consistant energy I had yesterday (yay for protein!) so I went to wegmans at 6am to buy more. There are so many options! Many folks pointed out the high sugar count – noted but I am still going to try these.

My morning wasn’t as productive as yesterday’s but I did get a lot of stuff done today including reviewing two inspection reports and sending feedback before 8am, reviewing business cards, moving forward on a purchase of a building and more. 

I didn’t take any meetings but did go get paper at 10am. (Big mistake! What a time suck! Amazon prime next time.) 

My afternoon was fairly shot due to someone deciding to use my credit card to go on a buying spree – so that took up some time (fixed, don’t worry!) but all in all, lots on the list I outlined in the early am got accomplished! ✔️✔️✔️!

I even spent time listening to inspiration… I loved this podcast featuring the founder of Nasty Gal. Her hustle and story is a solid one that I can relate to! 

So what’s in for day 3? My goal tomorrow is to my office by 6am. Waking up at 5am is tough!!’ I’m breaking my new rules tomorrow – we’re doing an 8am inspection of a building… But that decision was out of my control. I need 2 hours today and tomorrow to nail my ppt for next weeks speaking gigs. In general – my hope is this becomes a pattern so I can get up easier, get things done and discipline myself to a point where I’m running at max efficiency so I can take on more while being healthy about it all. 

If you have suggestions on food choices, podcasts, etc … Bring it on. 

buffalove hustle!

Much love! Xo. 

Taking Back My Mornings: A Time Management Experiment – Day 1. 

I came across this article on this weekend that basically said that if I did a certain type of schedule, I would save up to 20 hours a week in time. 20 hours?!! I’m in! 

The articles entire focus is surrounded by the idea of “taking back the morning”…citing that the early mornings are when you’re the most energetic and can do the most work however it often tends to be a time when there are the most distractions. It gives lots of great advice on how to eliminate distraction, maximize time and keep your body and brain motivated. Mornings are for output, not input (I love that!) meaning wake up early, eat right, don’t schedule meetings before noon, focus on your biggest priorities, eliminate   distraction wherever possible, listen to brain music to stay focused… and more… so I decided to try out their suggestions. Why not, right?


Total number of hours worked: 13.5

I woke up at 6 AM. I was at the grocery store by 630 to grab healthy supplies and at my office by 7 AM with a plant based protein shake in hand. Being at Wegmans that early when no one is around is definitely strange. I was sleepy because I’m not the easiest early riser… that is for sure. I avoided Facebook and Instagram like the article suggested, too. Once I got to my office, I wrote down all of my goals for the day, outlining even the smallest ones on the list. Based on the articles suggestions, I started on the list – starting with the most important.

Boy was I surprised! Between 7 AM and 930AM, I was shooting out emails left and right, checking items on my list and felt very focused. The music really helped me maintain my focus. I made an exception to their rule by taking a meeting at 10 AM with the landscaper returned back to my work quickly.… but left all my other meetings for the afternoon – which worked out great! 

I didn’t take a break like it suggested between 9 and 11 AM for exercise which I should have…  exercise gives you a much-needed boost. But I do plan to incorporate this into the schedule at some point this week. I did however follow a very good meal regimen… The protein shake allowed me to last until noon, I had a banana and a bagel with peanut buttern for lunch, an ice coffee and a hearty granola bar around 3 PM and a small soup for dinner around 8:30pm. I didn’t eat that much – I couldn’t believe how much my body maintained steady energy all day!

Overall, I was able to get 90% of the work done today and finish working at 8:30 PM. It was a long day (13.5 hours!) filled with hundreds of tasks however, even as I write this 11:44 PM, I just don’t feel nearly as exhausted as I normally do!

Anyhow, day one feels awesome. Tomorrow I’m challenging myself to wake up a little bit earlier… 5:30 AM! The catch of all this is to see if it really sticks… waking up early isn’t easy and knowing me I want to snuggle in bed… Lol. 

Btw, This was the only photo I took the entire day. I guess I was crazy focused! This is one of our recent renovations… It’s a beauty! 

I promise to take more photos tomorrow!

The Erie Freight House

I want to take a few minutes to explain my thoughts on this issue. You may not agree but please, hear me out. For those who have not read about the Erie Freight House issue, click here.

Buffalo was born, raised and almost died because of the Erie Canal. The Erie Canal made Buffalo the Queen City. The wealth, the growth and decline of Buffalo and the industrial fabric that dots the skyline of our city was provided by our historic industrial past and connection with the Erie Canal. The past is still connected and represented across our city in our buildings, parks and even our street names.

Currently, our entire waterfront is dedicated towards representing and recreating our historic waterfront. Canalside and the introduction of the historic Commercial Slip was rebuilt at the expense of millions of dollars to recreate the historic location of the Erie Canal… and guess what? It is a HUGE hit and a major reason why we have seen so much success along our waterfront. Have you been to the Liberty Hound Restaurant? That too is a recreation of a historic Canal era building.

Because of this, I feel that we can give the last remaining original freight house the respect and due diligence it deserves. If we don’t consider all options and let this one rot or die, one day soon we will wish we had a large, historic freight house for weddings, events and public space along our historic buffalo river. This building is much more than a tin shack. Beneath the crappy siding is giant tree trunks for joists, wooden clapboard and a space that even in its existing state is breath taking. There is no doubt that it needs work but considering all the money spent to recreate other Erie Canal era type buildings and canals – we should consider all options before allowing the demolition of the only original freight house left.

Now consider this; Preservation advocates don’t have the resources to preserve everything so if Preservation Buffalo Niagara sticks their neck out there pleading for reuse, the City Council makes it a local landmark (we couldn’t even get that for Trico!) and an experienced architect says it can be reused, re purposed and saved – I believe it. I am thankful for PBN and everyone else who has pushed hard to make this conversation happen.

Lastly, I am not here to fight or argue but regardless of what your opinion is or what happens – this conversation really needs to be about the legal PROCESS. We, as citizens of Buffalo, cannot allow the legal process be forgiven and forgotten for a developer. If that’s the case, all developers would get away with whatever they want. Put it in perspective – you wouldn’t want your neighbor to get away with a violation when you followed the rules, right? It’s not fair to you or to the public.

The decision is expected to be made soon. I for one, would love to see parties, weddings and public events in a large, open historic warehouse. Places like these don’t exist anymore. Places like this will never be built like this again. Let’s think BIGGER than one condo proposal that isn’t financed yet. The proposed condos can be built anywhere in this area considering there is sprawling vacant land that surrounds this historic local landmark. We need to create a vibrant, mixed use area that drives our city forward while embracing our incredible, unforgettable history.

Here is text from on the Freight House. There is a lot of information here on why this building important.

On January 10th, 2012 the Buffalo Common Council approved the nomination of the Erie Freight House as a designated city landmark. Preservation Buffalo Niagara (PBN) would like to reinforce this informed decision that was made by the means of direct public participation. The Local Landmark status provides the highest level of protection for historically significant assets in our community, and ensures meaningful public participation in the future of said resources.

The circa 1868 Erie Freight House located at 9 Ohio Street is considered to be the only extant freight warehouse building in the city associated with the Erie Canal and historic railway companies along the Buffalo River. Freight houses are a building type that once dominated the banks of the Buffalo River, and the Erie Freight House is the last surviving example.

Common Councilman David Franczyk, whose district includes the Erie Freight House, also highlighted the historic importance as well as the potential for reuse during that same January 10th Common Council meeting, saying “The historically significant 1868 freight house on the Buffalo River is worthy of restoration as a catalyst for the continued revitalization of Buffalo’s waterfront, terminus of the Erie Canal and cradle of the city’s industrial origins. It is required of the owner of this currently neglected structure to adhere to all city building codes and laws in order to enhance the building’s future re-use.”

On October 1st, 2012 Preservation Buffalo Niagara received a letter from a Registered Architect and Professional Engineer outlining his own assessment of the Erie Freight House’s current structural condition. The professional, Kevin V. Connors, PE, AIA, LEED AP, the Principal of eco_logic STUDIO, has extensive experience with historic structures having worked on the Granite Works at Main and Virginia, the White Brothers Livery on Jersey Street as well as numerous 19th century residential homes.

Mr. Connors’ letter states that “While I recognize the risk and security issues of the current facility’s condition, it is my professional opinion that the structure can be stabilized and protected by performing selective demolition and salvage operations; structural shoring and bracing of the remaining structure; enclosure of exposed portions of walls and roof; and securing the waterside exposure.” Mr. Connors’ assessment of the condition of the structure is based off of his participation in a September 12th, 2012 walk-through of the local landmark in addition to reviewing the ‘Preliminary Structural Observation’ report by Tredo Engineers.
Mr. Connors’ continues, stating “The significance of the building is well documented. Its heavy timber and truss structure is mostly intact. The process of repair and renovation can be one that enriches the historical interpretation of the site, while simultaneously building local capacity for specialty restoration construction. This structure has great potential as a community waterside attraction and mixed-use development, providing neighborhood employment opportunities.”

Preservation Buffalo Niagara encourages the community to join us in asking that this important piece of our history be given the opportunity for appropriate reuse.

Cannon Mountain

Here is a pic of me at the top of Cannon Mountain.

This mountain sits at 4080 ft high and is a part of the White Mountain ranges in Franconia State Park, New Hampshire.
Neat fact: Cannon Mountain had the first ski slope ever which was built in 1931!!


Photo Of The Day: WORK

This has been my work environment for the past hour.
I’m happiest and most productive when I am not in a lifeless office space in the burbs.. Of course!
Who doesn’t like seeing an being around people, sipping coffee and listening to music while whipping up proposals??!!
Hope everyone of my readers is having a great day. Lots of new initiatives and projects are about to come online.. Stay tuned!


Frankie Rose and the Canary Girls on Tuesday!

Tuesday is my debut show in the Canary Girls, a dreamy electronic pop band in Buffalo.
You should come! I can’t promise it will be great but I am sure it will be fun. I haven’t played a show in a longggg time.
We are playing at Soundlab with FRANKIE ROSE, the mega babe from the dum dum girls. She’s a powerful woman and plays some great tunes. Come!