The Atlantic Cities Covers Buffalo, BYP & The Vacancy Vortex!

The Atlantic Cities Covers Buffalo, BYP & The Vacancy Vortex!

Wow!! I am shocked, excited and honored that Kaid Benfield wanted to write about what we are doing here in Buffalo. My heart exploded when I saw this article in the Atlantic Cities blog. Coming from an urban planner – this blog is the mecca of planning/urbanism & cities. I literally read it every morning.

If you want to know more about the “vacancy vortex” – check out my TED X Buffalo talk from Oct. 2013. 

You can read the article here:

“While I tend to agree with the adage that “the greenest building is the one already built,” as long as the context is or can be made supportive, I’m impressed that Radle and Wilson’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. They also want to make sure their rehabs are constructed with green principles in mind. ” From BuffaLove’s website:

“BuffaLove Development aims to bring together elements of historic preservation and sustainability into each project through the use of good materials, design and community direction. We are taking a comprehensive approach to our neighborhood by investing in three areas – vacant lots, singles and doubles, and mixed use anchor buildings. We know that with a comprehensive approach, we will inspire growth, create jobs and strengthen our neighborhood … Our vision is to rehab each building in a fashion that mixes preservation and energy efficiency while maintaining affordability and comfort.”

“Green’s article for the Times suggests that what BuffaLove is doing is part of a trend of microdevelopment, at least in Buffalo, citing several additional individuals and companies doing preservation-and-rehab on a small scale, but reaching critical mass when aggregated.  “Just coming out of the woodwork,” was the way one seasoned developer put it to Green.  That sounds fantastic to me – this is an approach, and a philosophy, well worth rooting for.”

This post originally appeared on the NRDC’s Switchboard blog, an Atlantic partner site.

Kaid Benfield is special counsel for urban solutions at the Natural Resources Defense Council, an adjunct professor at the George Washington University School of Law, co-founder of the LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system, and author of several books on cities, smart growth and sprawl. All posts »

We Are Getting Married!!!!!

On Thursday night (11/7/2013) while we were celebrating our NYTimes article with our family and friends, Jason popped the question and I said yes! (Of course!) The 1930 Art Deco ring is absolutely perfect, too!

We have no idea when the wedding date is… but stay tuned for details! It will be a giant party, that’s for sure!

Jason and I are truly a perfect pair. We are excited for a long life of happiness and devotion. ❤

Team Buffalove!

P.s. Here are our recent “post engagement” photos – the 1930’s art deco engagement ring, the first engagement photo (photo credit: Chris Hawley!) and a nice pic during a walk through Arlington park.


NYTimes Covers Buffalove Development & other “micro developers” in Buffalo, NY

NYTimes Coverage!! Small Developers, Big Dreams in Buffalo!

The NYTimes article that covers micro developers in Buffalo is officially online and in print!!

We are thrilled to be a part of the larger “micro developer” movement in Buffalo, NY. If you want to contribute towards making Buffalo better – here are two campaigns you can donate to. One is our pet project – Paint Out Loud!! (LINK HERE) 

You can read the NYTimes article here:

From the NYTimes article: ”Passionate and preservation-minded, Ms. Radle and Mr. Wilson both have degrees in urban planning and are emblematic of a particular wave of development here. Buying on a small scale, they and their peers are perhaps best described as microdevelopers, rehabbing derelict properties to rent and perhaps eventually sell in an attempt to save houses from demolition and preserve a neighborhood or two. In so doing, they are attempting to shore up the city’s long, slow decline since the population and jobs began leaking away more than a half-century ago.”

Thank you to Penelope Green for taking a day to listen to us, hang out, go to the auction! This is such a great article for Buffalo’s “post industrial” image. Photo credit: Tony, a lovable NYTimes photographer from Newburg.

The NYTimes snapped this shot of Jason and Bernice outside of 351 Massachusetts Avenue.
The NYTimes snapped this shot of Jason and Bernice outside of 351 Massachusetts Avenue.

Whoa! Look What A Little Paint Can Do! Buffalove Development Goes Bold.

Whoa! Look What A Little Paint Can Do! Buffalove Development Goes Bold.

I compiled four photos for 351 Massachusetts Avenue to show the progress!
My heart melted this morning when I saw it nearing completion… this vacant house has come so far. Jason and I really thought it was a goner. Anyone else would have given up, I am sure of it. This photo does not show the giant ice sheets we found from frozen pipes, the crazy mushrooms due to moisture, the rebuilding of the foundation in three areas, the new roof, the interior gut and the clapboard work that was completed… This little snapshot doesn’t give me enough space to summarize how far this little single family house has come along.

Here are the photo details:
Top Left: Oct. 2012 – The day we purchased both houses (347 & 351) at the In Rem foreclosure Auction. 351 was vacant, 347 was occupied. The beginning of Buffalove!
Top Right: April 2013 – Mark & Jason tore out the chain link fence.. and donated it to Wildroot, of course! (We didn’t get the deeds until March 2013!)
Bottom Left: Oct. 2013 – After all the foundation & roof work is complete – PAINT!
Bottom Right: Nov. 2013 – Exterior Paint is finished!! Window replacement is next on deck!

So what is in store for this West Side home? Our goal is to finish it by Spring 2014. We will restore the few historic elements left and install high efficiency systems to bring together preservation and energy efficiency! We will most likely rent it for at least a few years however, we are open to all options, if the right opportunity comes along. Our overall goal is to help stabilize and grow the neighborhood by providing an affordable, sustainable and beautifully designed product. To keep up to date on the progress, follow us on facebook or online on our website

With Buffalove,