Taking Back My Mornings : Week 1 recap. 

What a week! 

I challenged myself to a new routine of waking up early, being disciplined about my schedule and eating habits while surrounding myself with all kinds of inspiration to keep my day filled with focus and direction. 

I’m going to keep this going to make it a routine!

What worked: 

Waking up early and getting to the office around 6:30am felt amazing. I felt more accomplished in two hours than I do in 8 on some days – which helped to maintain my control when randomness and stress crept in. In real estate and property management – the chaos is often what controls the day! 

Protein in the morning! Why hasn’t anyone suggested this before? One protein smoothie and a banana will keep me going from 6am – noon. It helps keep my body energy feeling stable – the energy is consistent throughout the day. I also found that my favorite protein shake is the chocolate bolthouse one. 

Writing down your goals every morning. This is a no brainer. Easy and effective!  

Podcasts for inspiration… Inc.com has some awesome podcasts on entrepreneurs, start ups, business, etc. I love that website – it’s what started this whole #takingbackmymornings thing! I really enjoyed this new podcast called How I built it featuring the owner of Spanx. Man, she is amazing! 

Afternoon meetings only. This is a great idea – why interrupt your morning when you’re the most productive?! 

Afternoon caffeine only. This is tough but I liked how I felt after a few days. Coffee in the am is amazing but I do feel more hydrated and energetic with the protein shakes instead. 

What didn’t work: 

I can’t seem to wake up before 5:45. Some CEOs start at 5am?!. Also, early calls means less focus on my hair, which is fine because I love my top knot bun but you do have to plan ahead – lay out your clothes, do your hair in the am, etc. 

Dinner fail. What should I do for dinner? I found myself eating garbage but wanting healthy without spending a ton of cash. Warning: I don’t cook. 

6am starts… 6/7/8pm finishes = 12 to 14 hour days. I need to learn to get exercise in and leave a bit earlier, if possible. I worked 47.5 hours in 4 days. Although I felt great and I love doing what I’m doing, I do need to learn when to pull away. 

Weekends in general really throw a wrench in discipline. But weekends are for sleeping in and relaxing, right? 

Winter. What happens when you want to sleep in during the cold winter months?! I could easily see myself opting to snuggle in bed over work. 

Photos from the week: 

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