Women in the Sustainable Economy Event – Tuesday, Nov 13th || 5:30pm || Karpeles on Porter Ave

I am very happy to be speaking alongside two incredible women at this event on Tuesday.You should come, listen and get inspired. Being a lady in a male dominated field is tough but really fun. See you on Tuesday!

As woman working in an environmental field, I want to tell you about an event series called Women in the Sustainable Economy, with Part I taking place Tuesday November 13th at 5:30 to 7:00PM (453 Porter Ave Buffalo, NY).

At each level, women interact in our economy, both on the production and consumption ends and we have special roles to play in Buffalo Niagara’s future as our sustainable and local economy continues to emerge. If you are environmentally conscious and entrepreneurial in nature, this event is a must attend.
Uniquely, women are sandwiched between environmental sustainability and economics. Our gender still holds the belt for being the major consumer cohort in this country but we are often not in leadership roles within these companies. When we examine economic sustainability, women have a large influence as we are concerning ourselves with how things are made and brought to our finger tips.
On the other side of the coin, in places like Africa, it has been found that those populations that experience the most extreme effects of climate change turn out to be disproportionately women. That Is quite the spectrum isn’t it? Women have a largely unrealized voice in discussions regarding how business decisions interface with environmental impacts.
Women in the Sustainable Economy, is designed to showcase our local ladies working in companies that contribute to environmental conservation. As part of a quarterly series, we are excited to bring you women from a variety of fields including: recycling, renewable energy, construction, activism as well as individuals and entrepreneurs who are marketing new green technologies and services.
Women in the Sustainable Economy Speakers: 
Roxanne Button
A licensed architect & LEED Accredited Professional (BD+C, Homes), Roxanne Button has been involved in sustainable design for over 20 years. Her diverse work experience includes green building consulting, scriptwriting for a green renovation TV series, & designing and managing LEED projects. Roxanne is a former board member for the New York Upstate Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, & a current member of the Chapter’s Education Committee & Board Advisory Panel. She led the team that created Public Day for the American Solar Energy Conference in 2009 & co-hosts the monthly Buffalo Green Drinks networking series.
Diana Cihak
Working for Buffalo Hydrogen, Diana is marketing system that converts waste to energy using hydrogen and water. This revolutionary idea will be an innovative process in the industry of using waste to generate energy and brings us closer to a more sustainable energy economy in the region.
Bernice Radle
Working for Buffalo Energy, Bernice Radle is a young up and coming local leader who champions sustainability in this region by working within the energy conservation sector, retrofitting and designing systems for sustainable development. She will speak to some of her projects undertaken at Buffalo Energy and what she does to improve our building envelopes and reduce energy consumption for local building stock.
This event is being hosted by an all volunteer group called Greenworks || Buffalo Niagara (Facebook). Our goals within G||BN are to increase knowledge and connections among our local green businesses. We are hoping it will lead to more young upstarts wishing to start a business who can learn best practices and begin creating smart and cleaner economic development here in the region. Like Greenworks || Buffalo Niagara’s facebook page to get updates on future events:
If you own your own business or have considered the idea, come hear from other women in your shoes. If you know of any rockin’ ladies who would be a good speaker for future events, please send contact informationtomshorey107@gmail.com.

Preservation Plus Update


The past three evenings have been incredibly inspiring. I have seen the keynote opener (who rocked!), the community beer works tour (SO yummy) and the Richardson Complex (semi spooky, no ghosts.. very pretty inside) and all I can say it WOW.

This conference has continued to shed light on to great projects, events, places and initiatives happening in our region. I am so happy to be a part of it all. As Catherine Schweitzer said today – “Buffalo has all the ingredients for a very successful future”.

Here are some links to the places I have visited this week. Check out the web stuff, all are doing exciting things!

Richardson – http://www.richardson-olmsted.com/

Community Beer Works – http://www.communitybeerworks.com/

Eric Corey Freed – Awesome speaker and does great work. http://www.organicarchitect.com/



Why Preservation Plus Is Worth It.

Lets talk Preservation Plus.

-How do we stop destroying buildings for new parking lots? By promoting bicycling and sustainable transportation.
-How do we reduce the burden of gas bills in the winter in old, historic homes? By teaching energy efficiency.
-How do we promote community revitalization in areas that have little hope? By sharing ideas on whats worked.


Preservation Plus Is Worth Attending.

The conference is during the evenings all next week, except Friday, which is all day! This conference is raising the bar and asking questions that are important to our community as it changes and grows.

The sessions are amazing – community beer works, psych ward tours, central terminal restoration field sessions… heck, even the greeks are getting involved with a tour of their church on Delaware ave.

The conference is only $95 dollars. It includes the sessions, a ticket to museums by moonlight, lunch, speakers, a PBN membership and an endless amount of inspiring and innovative ideas to take home with you.

The Buffalo’s Young Preservationists have said this well – maybe one day all of this focus on these topics will create demand and in turn, create a demand for more jobs. Don’t we all want the cool urban planning jobs? Of course! Attending Preservation Plus will help push that overall effort forward.

http://www.presplusbuffalo.com <– Register today. The sessions are limited!