Save Bethlehem Steel – Call Today!

There was a time when Buffalo had a sound, a heart beat, of thousands of steel workers humming along. The sound was the Buffalo region creating the backbones for buildings across the USA.
The last remains of this heartbeat lay sleeping but are ready for new life. The last remains include the beautiful Bethlehem Steel Office Admin building that we may lose THIS FRIDAY. 


It is NOT too late.
There are creative solutions for this incredible building that do not include demolition.

Steel is a part of all of us. We are blue collar, hard working, tough and sassy Buffalonians with a big heart. We deserve to have the Bethlehem Steel Admin building shine for years to come. Please, do your part and call the owners. It is not too late!

Tomorrow, call Steve Detwiler at home at 662-1555 or at the office at 826-7310 to voice your displeasure over the demolition of his Beth Steel building.

Get involved –

If you want to do more, email me ASAP. There is always more to do!


Parkside Candy is a Historic Gem!

Please stop into Parkside Candy on Main St. In the heights area. Its a great place to buy your holiday candy needs!

The place is a step back in time and is a real historic beauty. You can get soup, tons of candy and milkshakes here. The milkshake bar is old timey too!

The outside/exterior needs work… Especially the sign. I am curious to know who the owner is because I bet we could easily raise some cash for the exterior sign replacement.

Does anyone have any old historic
Photos of this wonderful place???


Interview with the Center for Energy & Environment on Historic Preservation & Energy Efficiency!

Hello Friends!

If you have a minute, check out this interview that was published by the Center for Energy and Environment. I am very happy & thankful that they wanted to interview me about the work I do in historic buildings and energy efficiency at Buffalo Energy. For me, I think it is exciting to see more love and promotion out there about Buffalo, NY!

You can read the article here. 

You can read about who MN CEE is here. 

These apartments on Bryant will soon be doing an energy retrofit through the NYSERDA MPP Program.
These apartments on Bryant will soon be doing an energy retrofit through the NYSERDA MPP Program.

Largest Sign I’ve Ever Seen.

This NO PARKING sign is found in East Aurora. I swear the sign has to be 5 feet tall.. It made me giggle just thinking about how my urban planning friends would react to seeing this.


BuffaLove Update!

Our In Rem purchases are officially paid in full. Now we’re waiting for the deeds to arrive in the mail!

Photo credit: Chris Hawley.. Who just happened to arrive by bike when we were walking up to pay!! Hahahah


Buffalo Spree’s Game Changer Issue Features Bernice Radle & Jason Wilson!

Buffalo Spree’s December  Game Changers issue features Jason, myself and many other movers and shakers in the region.

kc12 Dec GC Jason & Bernice25

Check it out!

Many thanks to Buffalo Spree for this recognition. This really means a lot to us. We work hard for what we believe in and recognition like this helps us keep our spirits up and smiles on our faces.

We love Buffalo. We know this city is turning around. We see the progress. We feel the energy. We know we have an opportunity to do good here. We hope this issue shows the rest of the Buffalonians that Buffalo is well worth investing our time, energy and capital into. The more we invest, the stronger we become.

You can read the article here.

Check out the Buffalo Spree Video here.

With Buffalove,





BYPers – Lovers of History, Buildings and Buffalo.

The Buffalo's Young Preservationists at the December Happy Hour & Fundraiser.
BYPers say BUFFALOVE at the December Happy Hour. This event raised hundreds of dollars to secure historic vacant buildings across Buffalo.

We are young professionals, students and some are young at heart and in spirit. We are made up of architects, planners, farmers, bloggers, consultants, developers, preservationists, lawyers, building lovers and Buffalo boosters.  The best part about BYP is that we are friends who are all working on things that better Buffalo and the region in some way, shape or form. Follow us and our initiatives on facebook!

Pour Concrete, Add Art. Buffalo’s Marine A Grain Elevator in the 21st Century!

Buffalo's Iconic Grain Elevators

When national bloggers come to Buffalo to learn about our grain elevators – it’s a big deal.

Chris Hawley and Chuck Banas took Max from the Urbanologist blog around last weekend to see the potential, the excitement and the DIY grain elevator art movement that is transforming how we view the grain elevators in the Queen City. This is a BIG DEAL. Buffalo has a lot of grain elevators and we have started to really embrace them. And it’s not just the younger generation that cares, people of all ages come to the grain elevators in Buffalo to experience these sleepy gentle giants.

You can read the article here.

A huge thank you goes to Chris Hawley and Chuck Banas who spent the day with this guy talking up Buffalo. Keep it up, guys!!

Silo City - Buffalo, NY
Buffalo’s Grain Elevators