Taking Back My Mornings – Day 4. [killin it!]

Happy Friday!

Let’s start with some inspiration… I like this article on building your personal brand – it’s definitely the world we live in! 

Update: So, it’s Friday and I worked 47.5 hours in 4 days but instead of thinking I got nothing done because my head is spinning due to distractions – I feel energetic and on solid ground!

This new schedule and diet is working – the 6am work start with zero interruptions is crazy good. The protein shakes keep me full until noon. Today was filled with expected distractions but even when I was thrown a few large curveballs – I still handled it with ease.  

I ended day 4 with a call that solidified my next large project – a co development endeavor which I’ll discuss soon. It’s an exciting one – one that will help lift me up where I need to be. 

I set my alarm for 6:30am – I suppose I should sleep in on Saturdays? Hahah. 

Anyhow, here is a pic of exactly how I feel. Next week I’m adding exercise into this schedule. XO!

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