Save Trico: Keeping the Conversation Going

I know everyone is totally engaged with the Preservation Plus conference this week but I wanted to take a minute to talk Trico.

In the past week, a few significant articles have been posted on Buffalorising by Rachacha in an effort to keep the conversation going on the future of Trico. These articles are very important to read because they provide insight to what is going on behind closed doors  as well as general ideas for the future of the Trico building.

If you aren’t following Trico, a few weeks back there was an article in Buffalo Business First (Print only!) that said the BNMC had a preferred plan, which was demolition of the Trico building and that they wanted to build a new innovation center on top of the rubble. Considering there is a parking lot across the street, I think building on the vacant parking lot instead of paying to demolish Trico and build  would make more economic  sense, correct?

What is VERY important to know is this – If we allow the wrecking ball to put a hole into Trico, the building will immediately loose the possibility of 40% of the project being paid for through historic tax credits. This is why the pressure must be kept on, why the conversation must continue and why the decision needs to be influenced by the community, not by a political agenda. The BNMC bought Trico after it was labeled a historic landmark and were well aware of its existing problems. The BNMC has continued to assist in the decay of Trico by allowing water to infiltrate and by not providing much needed maintenance.  However, it is not too late.

Anyhow, the links are below. Take a minute to read and understand what is going on. As more information gets into the hands of the public, the more pressure is placed on the BNMC to do the right thing for our community. This is especially important because whatever happens with the Trico building will ultimately use our tax dollars, donations and other public sources to get it done.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the preservation conference this week, and hopefully in the near future at the ribbon cutting on a rehabbed Trico Building!

Innovate Trico: Thinking Outside of the Box

Innovate Trico: Nebraska – good website for a lot of information on the Trico fight.

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