East Side Exploration

A couple friends and I drove around the east side on Sunday afternoon. We found some incredible little gems and took a lot of photos! The East Side is truly a magical place. I want so bad for the East Side to come back to life.. it will be a while but there are already so many examples of hope, growth and investment all throughout the East side.

It was great to see Matt’s Lyth Cottage with a new roof. And we also heard that this wonderful little brick cottage (a few photos down) was bought by Daniel Ash, a leading member of the Farmers and Builders organization.  We also saw Buffalo’s smallest candy store, a little square brick building that is vacant now and owned by the city. I can only imagine how amazing this was back in the day and wonder if anything is left inside.

My favorite sunday experience was wandering down a little street called Ada Place. Wow! Ada Place (see last photo) has very small lot sizes and is a very narrow street which makes it feel cozy and very charming. 26 Ada Place (first photo below) was literally wide open and has so much potential, it made my heart ache with love and desire to rehab it myself.  I really hope this little house finds an owner soon before it’s too late.

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