Buffalo Tattoo

I have been debating Buffalo tattoo ideas for at least two years now. I have always thought about the idea of a Buffalo building or the Delaware/Virginia street  lion.. but also loved the Buffalo post mark idea. Since I already have a read heart tattoo on my right arm, I think it would be great to get the stamp in red on the inside of my arm so the two sorta connect. The only issue I have is that in order to see the stamp I would have to elevate and extend my arm out for the full view..  many people put it on their chests but I don’t think the chest tattoo  thing would fly for me when I am wearing a suit and speaking in front of people.

Here is the post mark concept. I have another friend who has this as well over her heart on her chest. Incredible!


I am going to sit on the idea for a few days and then decide. Buffalo is a no brainer for me so I may as well wear it loud and proud!

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