Taking Back My Mornings – Day 4. [killin it!]

Happy Friday!

Let’s start with some inspiration… I like this article on building your personal brand – it’s definitely the world we live in! 

Update: So, it’s Friday and I worked 47.5 hours in 4 days but instead of thinking I got nothing done because my head is spinning due to distractions – I feel energetic and on solid ground!

This new schedule and diet is working – the 6am work start with zero interruptions is crazy good. The protein shakes keep me full until noon. Today was filled with expected distractions but even when I was thrown a few large curveballs – I still handled it with ease.  

I ended day 4 with a call that solidified my next large project – a co development endeavor which I’ll discuss soon. It’s an exciting one – one that will help lift me up where I need to be. 

I set my alarm for 6:30am – I suppose I should sleep in on Saturdays? Hahah. 

Anyhow, here is a pic of exactly how I feel. Next week I’m adding exercise into this schedule. XO!

Taking Back My Mornings ¬†– Day 3!

Day 3 Recap: Awesome! Why? Because I got a lot done and for the first time in a long while, I had enough time to eat dinner and watch a movie with Drew. (We watched Brooklyn, it was good!)

Day 3: 

6:15am at work – successfully had 2 hours of quiet time to knock work out. I’m starting to get used to waking up early! I wrote down my goals, drank a chocolate protein shake and worked through a lot of stuff. We had environmental testing all day at a building I have under contract to purchase so sticking with discipline and schedule wasn’t an option but I kept to my values / goals as much as I could. I left the office around 6pm.

environmental testing!

Eating Healthy
Over the last week, I’ve found that the following routine keeps my energy steady all day. The ups and downs are nearly zero!

  • Water and a protein shake in the AM only. 
  • A whole grain bagel with peanut butter for lunch.
  • Small snacks throughout the afternoon include yogurt, string cheese, a banana and a cliff bar. 
  • Limiting caffeine to the afternoons, too (for the most part!). 
  • Of course I had ETS for dinner …ūüė≥

Regardless, eating less seems to keep me at a steady, high energy all day. I don’t feel weighted down!  

My Ideal schedule: I’ve read a lot about what business owners / entrepreneurs do to maximize time. This seems to be the ideal schedule based on what I’ve read… obviously this week has been me trying to see if it works for me and my body. So far I have no complaints! 

  • 6am – 10am: Focused work. No meetings. No distractions. High priority stuff. No email. Limited social media. Remember: output not input. 
  • 10am – 11am : work out of some sort (tbd) to refresh the mind after intense focus.
  • 11am – 1pm: Office stuff (meetings, lunch, social media, email, discussing projects, etc..) 
  • 1pm – ? : meetings, emails, errands, etc. Moving ideas forward, emails back and forth, calls, etc. Get home or still have time to make up hours on some projects! 

Important to mention: I have to start eating better dinners. Suggestions on protein shake making and / or exercises are welcome! And, I can’t forget to squeeze time in there for daily podcasts – I’ve really been into finding entrepreneur type podcasts…. It keeps me going! 

That’s it for now. Xo! 

Taking Back My Mornings: A Time Management Experiment РDay 1. 

I came across this article on Inc.com this weekend that basically said that if I did a certain type of schedule, I would save up to 20 hours a week in time. 20 hours?!! I’m in! 

The articles entire focus is surrounded by the idea of “taking back the morning”…citing that the early mornings are when you’re the most energetic and can do the most work however it often tends to be a time when there are the most distractions. It gives lots of great advice on how to eliminate distraction, maximize time and keep your body and brain motivated. Mornings are for output, not input (I love that!) meaning wake up early, eat right, don’t schedule meetings before noon, focus on your biggest priorities, eliminate   distraction wherever possible, listen to brain music to stay focused‚Ķ and more… so I decided to try out their suggestions. Why not, right?


Total number of hours worked: 13.5

I woke up at 6 AM. I was at the grocery store by 630 to grab healthy supplies and at my office by 7 AM with a plant based protein shake in hand. Being at Wegmans that early when no one is around is definitely strange. I was sleepy because I’m not the easiest early riser‚Ķ that is for sure. I avoided Facebook and Instagram like the article suggested, too. Once I got to my office, I wrote down all of my goals for the day, outlining even the smallest ones on the list. Based on the articles suggestions, I started on the list – starting with the most important.

Boy was I surprised! Between 7 AM and 930AM, I was shooting out emails left and right, checking items on my list and felt very focused. The brain.fm music really helped me maintain my focus. I made an exception to their rule by taking a meeting at 10 AM with the landscaper returned back to my work quickly.‚Ķ but left all my other meetings for the afternoon – which worked out great! 

I didn’t take a break like it suggested between 9 and 11 AM for exercise which I should have‚Ķ  exercise gives you a much-needed boost. But I do plan to incorporate this into the schedule at some point this week. I did however follow a very good meal regimen‚Ķ The protein shake allowed me to last until noon, I had a banana and a bagel with peanut buttern for lunch, an ice coffee and a hearty granola bar around 3 PM and a small soup for dinner around 8:30pm. I didn’t eat that much – I couldn’t believe how much my body maintained steady energy all day!

Overall, I was able to get 90% of the work done today and finish working at 8:30 PM. It was a long day (13.5 hours!) filled with hundreds of tasks however, even as I write this 11:44 PM, I just don’t feel nearly as exhausted as I normally do!

Anyhow, day one feels awesome. Tomorrow I’m challenging myself to wake up a little bit earlier‚Ķ 5:30 AM! The catch of all this is to see if it really sticks‚Ķ waking up early isn’t easy and knowing me I want to snuggle in bed… Lol. 

Btw, This was the only photo I took the entire day. I guess I was crazy focused! This is one of our recent renovations… It’s a beauty! 

I promise to take more photos tomorrow!

Teaser: 351 Massachusetts House Rehab #buffalove 

Warning… this single family house on the west side that I rescued from the wrecking ball is nearly finished and is BEAUTIFUL. I just had to tease you with this photo! 

Stay tuned for more info on the entire rehab… Including before and after side by side pics!  

American Rehab Buffalo airs on HGTV Р11/23/15 at 8am! 

Hgtv will be airing the first two episodes of American Rehab Buffalo at 8am on 11/23/15! These two episodes are fantastic – it’s the kitchen, dining and living room. Watch to see us blend preservation and modern techniques to create a really special space that you’ll love!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen including Room Buffalo, Wrafterbuilt, McSmith, Ace hardware / Bejamin Moore and more! It truly takes a village.

Oh, if you don’t have cable, you can get all 6 episodes on Amazon!


– B

Ps. Here are some photos of before, during and after!

Peter H. Brink Award for Individual Achievement in Historic Preservation – Bernice Radle

Bernice Radle accepts the National Trust for Historic Preservation award in Savannah, Georgia.

Peter H. Brink Award for Individual Achievement in Historic Preservation

Bernice Radle
Buffalo, New York

As a founder and managing director of Buffalove Development, Radle has taken a creative and hands-on approach to preservation in Buffalo, working to restore four homes that were at risk of being demolished, while also changing the preservation conversation in the city.

Bernice Radle accepts the National Trust for Historic Preservation award in Savannah, Georgia.
Bernice Radle accepts the National Trust for Historic Preservation award in Savannah, Georgia.

American Rehab Buffalo: That’s A Wrap!!

That’s a WRAP!!! Yesterday was the official wrap day for filming our upcoming HGTV show American Rehab Buffalo¬†!! It is six episodes and set to air in October 2014. I can’t show you many photos… you’ll just have to wait and see the finished product on TV! (I will put a post up shortly with photos from the entire experience… stay tuned!)

Personal Note: Renovating a vacant house for HGTV was by far one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. This experience pushed my limits in almost every way humanly possible. There were days of anger, frustration, laughter, sweat, excitement, tears and smiles… sometimes all within one day. Everyday was a learning experience. Trying to balance life, a wedding, a renovation, my energy efficiency work, our personal relationship… TV is not forgiving and some days seemed impossible to handle… But we got through it!

Was it worth it? Hell yes!! The house was demolition ready… and now it is a true gem, restored in a historic and energy efficient way! The house is beautiful, the neighborhood is in love with it and we have one more house back on the tax rolls instead of in a landfill. Buffalo is going to shine on National Television! No snow or wings, just a couple of cool kids doing a historic renovation and great shots of Buffalo’s best architectural gems!

Most importantly, we could have NEVER done any of this without the following people: Michael Poczkalski and his ROOM Design team, Magnetic Productions, Chris Ziolkowski and his Zees worker bees, our landscaping crew, David Scott Myers and ¬†Buffalo Treehouse LLC, our carpenters, McSmith Furniture Design, Rob Baird and Sean Wrafter, our local artists, Mickey Harmon and Max Collins and the million other vendors, friends, family and others who stepped forward to provide an excellent product or lend a helping hand to make this house truly one of a kind. We also had a great experience working with the Mayor’s team and the Buffalo Police Dept, especially the B District team.

And last but not least, I want to say thank you and I love you to Jason Wilson. We have spend 3 months together non stop to make this house work and despite all the craziness and stress, I now know we can get through anything. I am so thankful to spend the rest of my life with you, Jason!!

And now it is time to focus on one more life changing thing… the wedding!!!

Our final photo for American Rehab Buffalo!
Our final photo for American Rehab Buffalo!

2013 in 30 Seconds.

Want to see my 2013 in 30 seconds? Check this out –¬†http://flipagram.com/f/NefubYOFHP

2013 was my best year yet. Jason and I got engaged! We purchased five houses and two vacant lots. I was honored to be in the NYTimes, Buffalo Spree, Buffalo News, Buffalorising, Design Sponge and front page of NIagara Gazette for the preservation and house rehabilitation work that we do in Buffalo. I spoke at TEDXBuffalo which was an insane experience. Jason and I visited Nantucket twice. We partied in NYC at the DFA 12 anniversary party. We drove across the country and spent the summer with Lynette & Max in Buffalo. I was honored to be chosen as the Co Vice Chair of the NESEA Building Energy conference for 2014 and the Chair for 2015. I started and finished up Women Elect, too. Jason and I really became best friends. We grew and expanded friendships with many great people, watched his nephews grow a bit older, learned how we work together and loved a little harder.

Anyhow, so much awesomeness. 2014 is going to be insane. It has already started off crazy with a Donn Esmonde PIece, a Buffalo Spree article and the chicken wing interview with Mo Rocca. We are working hard on several projects and have many irons in the fire. We are planning our wedding (July 2014!) and we should be wrapping up our rehabs this year and expanding Buffalove a little bit!!

Life is truly how you make it. Determination is key. But I will always say that i am just one of thelucky ones. The harder you work, the luckier you are.

This wraps up 2013 in 30 seconds.Music by The Fantasy! –>http://flipagram.com/f/NefubYOFHP

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Buffalo Spree Covers Buffalove Development’s Preservation Win!

Buffalo Spree Covers Buffalove Development’s Preservation Win!¬†(<— Link!)

This is an exciting piece for us. It launches our newest purchase – a 1860’s brick cottage that we rescued from the brink of demolition. Jason saw it on the preservation agenda because they asked for a demolition permit – citing that nothing about it was historic. (What!?!?!) This 1860’s brick cottage is 1500 square feet of awesome.¬†After a series of negotiations, the purchase price totaled $1. It has a new roof, a new furnace and it is gutted, exposing the brick and the 150 years of changes overtime. Even in its gutted state, it’s a beauty. Its layout is simple and its size is manageable. Unlike our other properties, this one will be our home!

Buffalo Spree will be doing a set of articles on this house, following our rehab process to explain how preservation and energy efficiency will come together to provide a rehab that is cost effective, forward thinking and inspiring for others as they venture through the rehab process! Thank you to Gwen Ito and the Buffalo Spree crew for covering this story.

You can check the article out here: http://www.buffalospree.com/Buffalo-Spree/January-2014/Developing-Radle-and-Wilson/