Vanessa Ron Stretches Her Wings – Off To NYC She Goes.

I can’t even write this without shedding a tear.

The incredible Vanessa Ron is moving to NYC to work at CURE at the end of this month.

Simply put, with Vanessa Ron gone, Buffalo will not be as glamorous. She is a star! She created Clutter, the coolest indie flea market in Buffalo. She has basically owned and operated Second Chic, Buffalo’s best local shop for second hand threads. Vanessa booked shows, concerts, fashion runways, outdoor events… you name it, this girl has done it. Remember when Vanessa made her house into a venue for a summer (2008?) on Ashland Ave and called it the Owl House? Yep, she sure did.. and it rocked. Vanessa shows up to the grain elevator events in fur. She wears high heels when it is icy. She always pushes the limit with fashion in all of her work and endeavors and Buffalo has been made better (and more fashionable) because of her work!

We are loosing her to NYC. While I am sad, I am also hopeful that she will take what she learns there and come back to Buffalo and change a thing or two. Regardless, this move will help her grow, learn, stretch, breathe, smile. stress… everything that she’s done here has helped her land this crazy awesome NYC gig.

Cheers to Vanessa for stretching her wings. She is taking a risk and I know it will be successful for her.Fingers crossed she learns a lot and comes back to make Buffalo an even better (and more fashionable) place.

Vanessa, you have been my best lady friend for 4+ years. I cannot thank you enough for the conversations, shopping trips, dinners, tears, birthdays, fashion advice, late night shows and dance parties… you have really helped me through a lot. You introduced me to When Harry Met Sally. I admire your courage, ability to move forward and your honesty. I am very very thankful for our friendship. I love you!!

My advice to you, V –  You can always come back. Buffalo is and will always home.

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