Rochester, NY Has Window Replacement Guidelines for Historic Buildings!

Rochester’s preservation board actually has window replacement guidelines. Neat, huh?

The importance of this find for me is that this clearly outlines what they expect when a developer or owner approaches the preservation board with a window replacement request. Although there are no photos, it does give options for people based on the type of window – something that is really useful to an owner who doesn’t know or care about preservation.

I was also intrigued to find out that Rochester sends an annual letter to all buildings within a historic district letting them know they are in a historic district. I guess that policy is in place so there are no questions when it comes to making a change to your historic property.

Go Rochester!


Rochester, NY historic building in downtown Rochester!
A historic building in downtown Rochester!





4 thoughts on “Rochester, NY Has Window Replacement Guidelines for Historic Buildings!

  1. Roxanne Button AIA

    Being proactive like sending out the annual letter is essential. Such a simple thing, but it would really help.

    Our preservation board needs to do an outreach & education campaign. I’ve seen homeowners at Buffalo PB meetings who had no idea what they were allowed to do with their homes, or any clue that they were in an historic district, until they did something that wasn’t permitted. Often, these were people who couldn’t afford to undo what they did “wrong”, like remove the vinyl siding that they installed and replace it with something that was acceptable.

    There needs to be an effort to inform people about what is allowed in historic districts, how to get help to do the work that they need done (either financial or technical/construction help, or both), and how to preserve the historic character of their buildings in the process.

    1. berniceradle

      I agree with what you are saying. I wonder what it would take the preservation board to become more proactive? Perhaps PBN working alongside with them to at least identify materials and expectations (like the windows in Rochester)? I think we need to get at least 5 more full time preservationist positions at PBN or Pres Board. Than we would start getting places.

  2. RaChaCha

    I agree it’s great that the Rochester preservation board has developed these kinds of resource documents — and has an actual staff person! Go Rochester!

    Also: I pledge to always be cool with getting a HT, shoutout, or credit for info I pass along 😉

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