Retrofit for Resilience: Cities – Six Incredible Sessions You MUST Attend at NESEA BE13

Our cities need to be resilient and sustainable. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy has shown NY how vulnerable we are to coastal flooding and major disasters. The time has come for us to have a conversation about what we can do to plan and build smarter and invest in technologies to make our cities more resilient.  Check these six sessions out happening at the NESEA Building Energy13 conference.

If you want to have an expanded conversation about how preservation, urban planning, renewable technologies and planning for natural disasters make cities more sustainable and resilient – you NEED to come to NESEA’s BE13 conference in Boston on March 5 – 7th.

This track was designed for urban planners, architects, green builders, preservationists, city lovers and everyone in between. Come and learn about what cities across the Northeast are doing to make their cities (large and small) more sustainable, community friendly and ultimately, more resilient.

Learn about NYC disaster planning, the balance between preservation and energy efficiency, LEED for Neighborhood Development, What smaller cities like Buffalo, NY and Northampton, Mass are up too and SO MUCH MORE.

I am being serious, you can’t learn this at CNU or ACI, the conversations just don’t come together like this. Robert Leaver and I designed this track to expand a conversation that is not happening in a “whole systems thinking” type of fashion. We understand that we need to think comprehensively about our buildings, now we must use that approach with our cities. This track is designed to start that thinking process and the conversation.  Come!!

Check it out here.

You can sign up for the conference here:

Lastly, there are a lot of opportunities for volunteers, discounts for emerging professionals and sponsorships available. If you are interested, email me at !

Bernice Radle at the NESEA BE12 Keynote
Bernice Radle at the NESEA BE12 Keynote

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