Help Stop Sprawl and Discrimination – ECC Meeting on Tuesday at 1pm! COME!


On Tuesday, July 16th at 1pm in the Common Council Chambers – WE NEED YOU.

There is a VERY important community input meeting where we need supporters to stand up and speak in favor of supporting a stronger downtown campus. We need all hands on deck for this.

If you cannot attend – we are urging you to write a letter and send it to your common council members, Governor Cuomo and ECC. Any questions – Email us at
Buffalo Contact Info:

Quick ECC Talking Points:

  1. With 47% of ECC Students coming from Buffalo, the City Campus should be the only place where a new building gets built.
  2. Currently the City Campus only serves 25% of the entire campus, which is not enough!
  3. Space isn’t an issue – the County purchased several vacant lots downtown for the expansion of ECC City back in the 2000’s.
  4. The proposed $30 Million dollar STEM building has 8 or 10 programs that are NOT STEM related. This is a disquise for ECC to get the building they want put in Amherst.
  5. Our smart growth legislation sign in 2011 says that continued support for Sprawl is not allow. THIS IS SPRAWL.
  6. This is segregation by design. The City Campus will now have “workforce development and GED” programs while North Campus in Amherst has the degrees that will move towards a 4 year degree.
  7. A trip to North Campus from Buffalo’s West Side requires 2 buses and takes one hour each way. With over 30% of the City of Buffalo without an automobile, ECC should be expanding downtown – where we have over 30 bus lines that feed into downtown!

Here is the common council agenda

You can read the study report that EASILY justifies the need for downtown development over Amherst here:

Here are some older articles for you:

Bernice, Greg and Jim meet with Council Member Pridgen and Former County Ex. Joel Giambra about ECC.

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