Pour Concrete, Add Art. Buffalo’s Marine A Grain Elevator in the 21st Century!

Buffalo's Iconic Grain Elevators

When national bloggers come to Buffalo to learn about our grain elevators – it’s a big deal.

Chris Hawley and Chuck Banas took Max from the Urbanologist blog around last weekend to see the potential, the excitement and the DIY grain elevator art movement that is transforming how we view the grain elevators in the Queen City. This is a BIG DEAL. Buffalo has a lot of grain elevators and we have started to really embrace them. And it’s not just the younger generation that cares, people of all ages come to the grain elevators in Buffalo to experience these sleepy gentle giants.

You can read the article here.

A huge thank you goes to Chris Hawley and Chuck Banas who spent the day with this guy talking up Buffalo. Keep it up, guys!!

Silo City - Buffalo, NY
Buffalo’s Grain Elevators

Exploring Buffalo 10/6/2012

We spent some time showing a portlander around Buffalo today. It was fun! We now have one more buffalo lover in the world!







Boom Days @ Silo City!

Here are a couple photos I snapped this weekend while attending the BOOM DAYS celebration at the grain elevators aka Silo City.

Buffalo’s grain elevators are something that we should be proud of and celebrate more often. This was the first time I have seen hundreds of people come out to tour these gentle giants. One of the tour guides commented that a woman cried when learning about the grain elevators and expressed the true desire and need for these structures to come back to life.

Touring, drinking, dancing and having a giant party in the Perot grain elevator  is a solid sign that we Buffalonians are really starting to understand the importance of celebrating and enjoying our historic built environment – even if its in a state of inactivity and decay.  Buffalo’s second skyline is truly unique, something you may find in Europe but rarely found in the United States. What a dream come true and what a great place to call home.

Lets do it again, Buffalo.