Teamwork 2013! 7.13 @ The Waiting Room

I hope you can attend Teamwork 2013. Chae Hawk is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. His passion, enthusiasm and drive for making music is boundless. He is constantly pushing to reinvent himself and raise expectations – which is something we should all do more of. Go Chae!

Please support him and go to this event on Saturday – 7.13.13.

From Mentors to Musicians, Buffalo’s Bright Lights Building Together
Team Radio Presents: Teamwork 2013 with Chae Hawk, Grabbitz, and Crooks at The Waiting Room on July 13
BUFFALO, New York, 2 July, 2013 – Team Radio is proud to present Teamwork 2013, the music label’s flagship and second annual community celebration, featuring local recording artists Chae Hawk, Grabbitz, Crooks, while being hosted by Billy Drease live in concert on Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 9 PM. The concert will be held at The Waiting Room, located at 334 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY.  Tickets are available for $8 presale at Cowpok (177 Elmwood ave), and at the door day of the event for $10.
Check out the promotional video for Teamwork 2013
Last year on March 3rd was the first annual Teamwork party which packed 700 Main Street snug, and the Team Radio brand took a huge leap forward. Following that event, Hawk and Grabbitz have shared stages with the likes of Talib Kweli, LL Cool J, Curren$y, as well as the Summer of 2012 Salt N Pepa  Rocks the Harbor sellout show. Their respective careers have continued to catapult their music’s success at an alarming rate.
“The Teamwork parties are allowing me to help mentor, develop, and give local acts that I appreciate a platform to get in front of a more diverse audience. The goal is to have every act work together to promote a gathering of people who come to enjoy an awesome, diverse music experience,” says Hawk. “This year I felt it was appropriate to bring on a local charity to share the platform and bring awareness to a cause that reflects the meaning of teamwork. All of this through the power of music!  We had to make Teamwork 2013 really have an impact not just on those who attend, but the community as a whole, and Compeer is an organization all about making impacts. They strive on the qualities that help to make Buffalo truly the city of good neighbors.”
Compeer, a non-for-profit group, is a national mentoring program for those who are striving for greater mental wellness.  Teamwork 2013 is a Team Radio / Compeer collaboration, and partial proceeds from the event will be donated to Compeer. The event is also sponsored by Cowpok and New Era.
“By partnering with Teamwork 2013, we hope to reach more people, especially, young people, looking to make a difference,” adds Michele Brown,Compeer Executive Director.
Observing the body of work, the reputation, the true essence of what Team Radio is and will become, in hand with a group like Compeer, as they join together in their efforts, one has to believe that this is an inexplicable positive light shed on Buffalo, and sure hope the rest of the city recognizes its dire need for more of these lights.  Mark your calendar on July 13th for this one of a kind event: Teamwork 2013.
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I Am Finally Playing Music Again: Frankie Rose & Canary Girls Show Wrap Up

Last night was my FIRST band show in TWO years.

I am excited to be playing with the Canary Girls, a band that I fell in love with at first listen.

The evening was super fun. We had a lot of people come out, many to see me. (THANK YOU FRIENDS!) I enjoyed seeing a wall of synths and keyboards. Frankie Rose,  the headlining band from Brooklyn was girly indie rock with a very dreamy, filling sound.. I listened to her on Pandora this morning for hours.. chics that rock out are really inspiring to me.

Here are some photos of Canary Girls from last night!

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Frankie Rose and the Canary Girls on Tuesday!

Tuesday is my debut show in the Canary Girls, a dreamy electronic pop band in Buffalo.
You should come! I can’t promise it will be great but I am sure it will be fun. I haven’t played a show in a longggg time.
We are playing at Soundlab with FRANKIE ROSE, the mega babe from the dum dum girls. She’s a powerful woman and plays some great tunes. Come!


Music Is Back In My Life!

I’m starting to make/play music again!
It’s dreamy music that makes you think of going to a prom in 1988.

More info to come soon.




Day 5 – California Vacation!

Day 5 included Justice, Calvin Harris, Florence and the machine and Snoop dog! The hologram tupac was out of control! Sad to see that coachella is over… Ran into two amazing friends from the desert – alondra and alan!

Eric and I had a great time at the festival overall. Great bands. Lots of sun and heat. No sunburn. Just a slight heat rash. We stayed hydrated too!