Sunshine & Beauty in Buffalo’s West Side!

I snapped a pic of this handsome building today. It’s a great visual reminder to always think big, aim high and remember how important it is to embrace the beauty and the incredible potential that lies behind the boarded up windows.

I am very happy and lucky to be spending my time, energy and cash investing/living/loving in the West Side. Go Buffalo!


Parkside Candy is a Historic Gem!

Please stop into Parkside Candy on Main St. In the heights area. Its a great place to buy your holiday candy needs!

The place is a step back in time and is a real historic beauty. You can get soup, tons of candy and milkshakes here. The milkshake bar is old timey too!

The outside/exterior needs work… Especially the sign. I am curious to know who the owner is because I bet we could easily raise some cash for the exterior sign replacement.

Does anyone have any old historic
Photos of this wonderful place???


WNY Solar & Green Building Tour – Saturday, October 13th!


This has been my baby for 2 years and I encourage everyone who likes buildings, sustainability and saving money to go and see at least ONE building/home. DO IT.

  • Have you ever had an interest in solar, geothermal or other neat renewable technologies?
  • Have you heard about houses being made from straw bale?
  • What about seeing how historic buildings can become more energy efficient?
On Saturday, October 13th, the 17th annual Solar & Green Building Tour of WNY is happening from 10am – 4pm. The event is brought to you by WNY Sustainable Energy Association. This is not a regular tour, this is an open house. We give you a list of all the sites and you can pick whatever interests you! The event is free, open to the public and no registration is required. All sites are open from 10am – 4pm unless noted otherwise.
The kickoff event starts at 9:30am on Saturday morning. We will be giving awards, prizes and other fun stuff at Hispanics United of Buffalo, 254 Virginia St. Then you are free to go wherever! A limited amount of weatherization kits and NFTA Metro Day passes will be available for people who attend the kickoff event.
Why is the Solar & Green Building Tour important?
The Solar and Green Building Tour is an event that educates, inspires and encourages people to think, act and be more “green” in their daily lives.
This tour is the only tour in the region that opens homes up for you to touch, feel and absorb these technologies. The homeowners are there – you can speak to them directly about their experiences, troubles and ask any questions you may have.
The event features a wide variety of green building concepts from solar, historic adaptive reuse buildings, geothermal, green roofs, LEED certified buildings, net zero houses and more. <— For all sites, details & info <— For a complete list of sites across New York State, searchable via ZIP CODE.

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