I Am Finally Playing Music Again: Frankie Rose & Canary Girls Show Wrap Up

Last night was my FIRST band show in TWO years.

I am excited to be playing with the Canary Girls, a band that I fell in love with at first listen.

The evening was super fun. We had a lot of people come out, many to see me. (THANK YOU FRIENDS!) I enjoyed seeing a wall of synths and keyboards. Frankie Rose,  the headlining band from Brooklyn was girly indie rock with a very dreamy, filling sound.. I listened to her on Pandora this morning for hours.. chics that rock out are really inspiring to me.

Here are some photos of Canary Girls from last night!

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Frankie Rose and the Canary Girls on Tuesday!

Tuesday is my debut show in the Canary Girls, a dreamy electronic pop band in Buffalo.
You should come! I can’t promise it will be great but I am sure it will be fun. I haven’t played a show in a longggg time.
We are playing at Soundlab with FRANKIE ROSE, the mega babe from the dum dum girls. She’s a powerful woman and plays some great tunes. Come!