Artvoice Best of Buffalo Nomination!

Artvoice Best of Buffalo Nomination!

The Best of Buffalo nominations are out! I am so happy to be a part of this list.. regardless of who wins, it is such an honor to be on a list with these amazingly inspiring people and groups! Thanks to everyone who voted for me and/or BYP!!


Artvoice Influence Survey: Bernice Radle on Groundwork in Buffalo, NY

Here is my complete write up for the Artvoice influence questionnaire that was sent around to a select 300 people… read below. Let me know what you think!

For this week’s cover story, we polled a number of local folks about positive and negative influences in our region—people, ideas, circumstances. In the days to come, we’ll publish the responses we received in full here.

Here’s what Bernice Radle of Buffalo’s Young Preservationists  has to say: (LINK to article)

1. What people/ideas/circumstances do you consider positive influences in this region?

I see the most positive influences in our region being from the people and local organizations that are on the ground making changes, creating unique space & places and organizing local citizens to take ownership and be a part of rebuilding their community.

A great example of leadership and influence is PUSH Buffalo. They understand that social capital is just as important as financial. Their NetZero home on Winter St. is an exceptional neighborhood centerpiece, one that challenged the traditional design standards often associated with affordable housing. The NetZero house, located within the Green Economic Development Zone has helped to educate thousands of local citizens on energy efficiency, employed hundreds of local people through construction and has inspired many others to invest in the West Side.

For me, there are hundreds of inspirational stories, people and organizations that are pushing forward for our local neighborhoods and residents. These stories are what keep me here, keep me moving forward and make me loveBuffalo! Their involvement is incredibly inspiring and unique and is undoubtedly one of the important driving pieces to the puzzle of success for our region.

2. What people/ideas/circumstances do you consider negative influences in this region?

Often times, many people stand in the way of bright, young talented people who bring new ideas, new energy and new outlook to our region. If we want to keep people here and attract others, we need to give them what they need to encourage them to grow, excel and succeed.

Buffalo no longer competes with the Rochester’s of the world; we are competing on a much larger scale with cities of all sizes. Due to the internet and social media, we actually have the ability to attract people from large and small cities!

Cities like Columbus, Baltimore and Milwaukee get it. They implement higher design standards, add bike lanes, support food trucks and start up businesses, and encourage development of unique spaces and historic buildings. Implementing policies and procedures will attract the young, college educated people who are drivers and leaders in a 21st Century economy. If Buffalo can attract and retain this group of people, we will thrive as this wave of millennials start to become the power players and decision makers.

Personally, I have a lot of ideas when it comes to planning, preservation and buildings that can help lead Buffalo into being a 21st century city that attracts people, new ideas and investment.  I will say this – the current system that is in place is not working very well. The systems itself are the barriers to development, investment and creative design. A great example is our vacancy crisis. You want to know why we have thousands of vacant buildings and lots? Or why some incredible houses sit vacant?  Try to buy one. 

3. What people/ideas/circumstances do you think ought to be more influential in this region?

We need to empower the local folks that challenge the normal ideals, ones who have proven success after breaking barriers and taking risks. The Prish Moran’s, Aaron Bartley’s and Rocco Termini’s of the world are great examples of putting pride, excitement and love into their work. Rocco will never turn down giving a tour of the Hotel Lafayette because he knows it inspires others to buy, invest and believe in Buffalo. We need more NetZero buildings in Buffalo. We need more neighborhood coffee shops for people to meet, eat and plan revolutions. People like this continue to break barriers, challenge the norm and prove that success is not only determined by a five year financial payback. They have taken risks, proven success and deserve to have more influence in our regional decisions.

The Buffalo's Young Preservationists at the December Happy Hour & Fundraiser.
The Buffalo’s Young Preservationists at the December Happy Hour & Fundraiser.

Bernice Radle for Mayor?

Artvoice published this “best of buffalo” results article today which happened to feature my “If I ran for mayor” essay that I sent in when filling out my ballot…. It’s exciting to see so much support for my mayoral plan but now my secrets are out!!! haha! (well, not quite… I have a lot more up my sleeve…) It was also great to see Marilyn’s comments (she is such a dynamo!) and also that there was some humor that came out of it. I bet it was fun for artvoice to read all of the essays.

Everyone knows how much I love Buffalo and that I try my hardest to boost/promote this city with all of my heart. Being mayor would be really neat and I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it… 🙂

Here is what the article says… the ending is the best part. Thanks to Artvoice for their support!

Bernice Radle has a 14-point plan for her administration:

• If I was mayor of Buffalo, I would first let everyone know that I am not in this for under the table deals and monies and push for transparency in local government.

• Promote regionalism in our government decisions including tax breaks, urban planning initatives, investment and new building decisions.

• Advocate for smart growth regionally as well as within the city to encourage a walkable, dense, transit oriented city that builds off of our current built environment.

• Implement a city wide inventory of all of our building stock. This will allow us to make better urban planning decisions, figure out who should or should not be in housing court, advocate for pro development of our existing vacant buildings, understand how large our vacant housing crisis is and address it, promote and sell existing real estate that the city owns that can be rehabbed instead of being demolished etc..

• Overhaul of the NFTA, get bike racks on every bus, have consistant bus schedules, have an online app where you can track the bus, bring back low transfer rates and the ability to use the credit card on the train.

• Create a grant program for local people who want to buy houses that the city owns. Use current demolition/rehab money to promote rehab of our building stock instead of removing it.

• Implement a preservation plan – city wide which will be based on the city wide building stock inventory results, the current preservation districts, the department of interior preservation standards and other city needs.

• Throw a Buffalo party in a grain elevator.

• Push the green code to take away minimum parking requirements and minimum lot sizes.

• Help build the green economic zone that PUSH is doing by creating a green incentive program city wide for small energy initiatives.

• Implement the complete streets program with bicycle lanes next to the sidewalks, innovative ideas on street scapes including low impact development, smart cross walk ideas, street scape improvements.

• Bring ECC downtown – all three campuses in one hub.

• Light up the skyway and the grain elevators with a solar array and LED technology.

• Develop a city wide model based on Buffalo First! to promote local, regional initatives and incentives for our local economy.

Hallelujah to all that—anyone have a ballot line Bernice can run on?