The 500 Block of Main Street.

If you haven’t been down to see all the progress on the 500 block of main street, you must go!

This photo captures just a small portion of the art & all kinds of other great things happening down there. From chalk events to Block Club moving down there… The landscape is quickly changing.

Do yourself a favor and take a walk around. There are new offices, new art studios, new places to eat.. It’s been a quick and very progressive transformation!

The 500 block has had several players in the mix helping to lead it into a positive direction. I included some links below for you to read, just in case you’re interested in learning more.

Here is the Facebook for the 500 block group.

Here is a link to the master plan from the Urban Design Project at UB.


Montreal’s Public Art!

Montreal is full of art. It’s everywhere!
I was surprised to see how much art was about involving and interacting with the general public.

So impressed with this city… It’s so alive.. So french.. So urban..
It makes my heart ache!




Making Parking Garages Look Good.

When I was in Baltimore this past week, I spotted this parking garage. (See pic below!)

It doesn’t look fancy or anything but the art added to the exterior really made what would normally be a plain Jane site, into something that was pleasant. The colorful art gave life to something that is typically lifeless. What a simple, easy idea!

I wish Buffalo would take something like this into account when building parking garages… there are several downtown (Including this one –  The BNMC Parking Garage) that could be easily spruced up which would make the downtown area more appealing!

I also included  a link to the top 10 most beautiful parking garages. Take a look. Some of the parking garages are really neat!


Photo: Downtown Baltimore Parking Garage near Mulberry Street.