One Wildly Ambitious Bernice. 

Given it’s a new year, I wanted to start with something personal.

Here are the four books currently in rotation as of January 2016… all focused on life, love, style and building courage… and commercial real estate. I know they’re pretty random but each of them adds confidence and creativity to my world. If you didn’t know this, I love new years because I am extremely reflective and am always working on my personal self.

I share this photo because a year ago I told that my “wildly ambitious” attitude was my major flaw. For a moment, I really believed it! I believed I should stop making connections, reaching out, stop asking questions, stop demanding more and instead, calm down and outline realistic expectations. I questioned my entire world. I questioned myself and my actions. I promised to calm down and promised to change. But by that time, my window of opportunity was gone. The worst part of it all was that if I could have changed, I probably would have tried! However I knew that my ambition and extremely positive nature comes from deep within and cannot be bottled up. I knew I couldn’t change and therefore, I knew it wasn’t meant to be.

I struggled hard in 2015 but at the same time, I gained so much unbelievable wisdom, found so much love and practiced forgiveness. So with that mushy/ self confidence stuff said, I am closing the door on 2015 and opening 2016 with my whole “wildly ambitious” heart.

To start the year off, I’ll spare you the real estate calculations but I will quote the 10 steps on how to create your own success from Garance Doré… which can apply to everyone looking to excel in their worlds.

  1. Start where you are,
  2. get lost and find yourself,
  3. follow be signs,
  4. risk failure,
  5. use what you’ve got,
  6. fall in love,
  7. seize the moment,
  8. question your beliefs,
  9. make your own rules and…
  10. follow the energy.

2016 will be approached with a new level of sophistication and you guessed it… one wildly ambitious Bernice.




2 thoughts on “One Wildly Ambitious Bernice. 

  1. John Cacicia

    Bernice, I love reading your posts and applaud all the work you do. Keep up the great efforts. 2016 will be an outstanding year. JC

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