NYTimes Covers Buffalove Development & other “micro developers” in Buffalo, NY

NYTimes Coverage!! Small Developers, Big Dreams in Buffalo!

The NYTimes article that covers micro developers in Buffalo is officially online and in print!!

We are thrilled to be a part of the larger “micro developer” movement in Buffalo, NY. If you want to contribute towards making Buffalo better – here are two campaigns you can donate to. One is our pet project – Paint Out Loud!! (LINK HERE) 

You can read the NYTimes article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/07/garden/small-scale-developers-big-dreams.html?_r=0

From the NYTimes article: ”Passionate and preservation-minded, Ms. Radle and Mr. Wilson both have degrees in urban planning and are emblematic of a particular wave of development here. Buying on a small scale, they and their peers are perhaps best described as microdevelopers, rehabbing derelict properties to rent and perhaps eventually sell in an attempt to save houses from demolition and preserve a neighborhood or two. In so doing, they are attempting to shore up the city’s long, slow decline since the population and jobs began leaking away more than a half-century ago.”

Thank you to Penelope Green for taking a day to listen to us, hang out, go to the auction! This is such a great article for Buffalo’s “post industrial” image. Photo credit: Tony, a lovable NYTimes photographer from Newburg.

The NYTimes snapped this shot of Jason and Bernice outside of 351 Massachusetts Avenue.
The NYTimes snapped this shot of Jason and Bernice outside of 351 Massachusetts Avenue.

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