Whoa! Look What A Little Paint Can Do! Buffalove Development Goes Bold.

Whoa! Look What A Little Paint Can Do! Buffalove Development Goes Bold.

I compiled four photos for 351 Massachusetts Avenue to show the progress!
My heart melted this morning when I saw it nearing completion… this vacant house has come so far. Jason and I really thought it was a goner. Anyone else would have given up, I am sure of it. This photo does not show the giant ice sheets we found from frozen pipes, the crazy mushrooms due to moisture, the rebuilding of the foundation in three areas, the new roof, the interior gut and the clapboard work that was completed… This little snapshot doesn’t give me enough space to summarize how far this little single family house has come along.

Here are the photo details:
Top Left: Oct. 2012 – The day we purchased both houses (347 & 351) at the In Rem foreclosure Auction. 351 was vacant, 347 was occupied. The beginning of Buffalove!
Top Right: April 2013 – Mark & Jason tore out the chain link fence.. and donated it to Wildroot, of course! (We didn’t get the deeds until March 2013!)
Bottom Left: Oct. 2013 – After all the foundation & roof work is complete – PAINT!
Bottom Right: Nov. 2013 – Exterior Paint is finished!! Window replacement is next on deck!

So what is in store for this West Side home? Our goal is to finish it by Spring 2014. We will restore the few historic elements left and install high efficiency systems to bring together preservation and energy efficiency! We will most likely rent it for at least a few years however, we are open to all options, if the right opportunity comes along. Our overall goal is to help stabilize and grow the neighborhood by providing an affordable, sustainable and beautifully designed product. To keep up to date on the progress, follow us on facebook or online on our website http://www.buffalovedevelopment.com

With Buffalove,

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