Tuesday, Oct 15th – Ted X Buffalo 2013!

Ted X Buffalo is on Tuesday, October 15th!

If you were not one of the lucky 400 people to get a ticket, you can live stream it online at tedxbuffalo.com !

I talk between 9:24 – 9:36am. My ted talk is called “Preservation 2.0“.  In 12 minutes, I will hopefully educate the audience about the “Vacancy Vortex” and show people what the young preservationists are doing to help save these vacant houses from heading to a landfill.
Our vacancy crisis is real and houses are being demolished unnecessarily everyday. Rehabbing our vacant houses is our ticket to maintaining affordability, adding jobs, increasing neighborhood value (financially and socially) and also, they are inherently more sustainable – the old growth wood, crown molding and other details inside these homes trumps anything you can buy today.
This Ted X talk is in no way rocket science nor will it bring tears of joy but understanding the vacancy vortex it is important to the future our neighborhoods and to the overall well being of Buffalo. I hope you like it!


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