These West Side Houses are on the City Auction Block. (Quick Glance!)

I wanted to highlight a few west side houses in my neighborhood that are on the City of Buffalo In Rem Foreclosure Auction List. The auction is set for the end of October – it is about 3 weeks away!
There are literally thousands to choose from and many of them are true gems. For me, it is all about location and historic features. Location will determine your rehab budget, rent ability and return on investment – all things you should be thinking about before you buy.  Historic features such as clap board, unique doors, porches – those are important too!
Note – I would probably not by a vinyl victorian because of my dislike for vinyl siding – even if it was in a good location! (Unless clapboard was hiding underneath – that would be amazing!!) 
These three were found at just first glance by using google maps. They are in a great location – the fivepoints/mass ave area of the West Side – and easily walkable to Richmond and Elmwood. I bet these guys could be rehabbed quickly and would provide a great return on investment for whoever invests in them. Take a look!
You can read about Jason and I rehabbing our 2012 In Rem houses here.
455 W Ferry – Green & Yellow house, one block from Richmond.
Inline image 1
​394 West Ferry – Who doesn’t want a neat historic storefront?
Inline image 2
​346 Breckenridge – Simple, charming and in a pretty safe neighborhood!
Inline image 3


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