Krog To Develop Trico?

After two years of working hard to save Trico, I woke up to this in the Buffalo news.

I just want to reflect for a moment.
To think back about our efforts over the two years – long meetings, canvassing neighborhoods, getting hundreds of petitions, the art auction, two land marking attempts, several public meetings, fundraisers, educational meetings, our Save Trico sticker campaign, the save Trico chalk bomb in front of the BNMC… Oh my gosh, we have pushed so much.

And when I say “we” I mean basically everyone in the preservation community – PBN, BYP, the preservation round table, developers, the fruit belt.. and many others.

For those who don’t know, this building means a lot to Jason & I.
Jason and I started dating because we worked together on the initial landmark nomination back in late 2011… It brought us together, made us learn each other’s work habits quickly and helped lay the foundation to our strong partnership!

I’m not super excited just yet, however, I am sure this is a giant step forward.

More to come – we are researching the brownfield application now to get more info on the rehab details.



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