West Side Buffalo Love: Snake Hunts, Concrete Block Planters and Vacant Lots.

Last night, Jason and I were on Massachusetts Avenue doing yard work, adding planters and securing the back porch.  We are prepping for the big construction to begin – foundation work is almost done and the roofs start next week!

The teal concrete planters are now in – with succulent plant types to avoid theft. (And I think they are awesome!)  I think the neighbors found them funny looking but we wanted something durable and unique. Hopefully the plants last through the week!

Jason has finally found his inner “Mr. Fix It”.  He spent the evening securing the back porch, cleaning up debris and installing solar lighting.  It is really cost effective to do the work yourself but also super rewarding to see it done.

Last night while we were working, the neighborhood kids kept showing us stuff – cars, cats, a headlamp… etc.. then they wanted to find snakes in the grass!  I couldn’t help but join them – it sounded like fun. So we wandered through the vacant lot next door and we found ONE snake, a giant worm and a ton of spiders.

I walked away so happy because it was nice to see kids finding nature in the City – even if it was only a garden snake. Jason and I are in the process of purchasing the vacant lot where we found the snake from the City of Buffalo..  The value of an overgrown vacant lot to a kid is very high – as long it has snakes!

What a great day in the West Side of Buffalo.  Anyhow, here are the photos.. take a look!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

One thought on “West Side Buffalo Love: Snake Hunts, Concrete Block Planters and Vacant Lots.

  1. Phil

    cool planters. when I was a kid we had cinder blocks half buried in the ground bordering the vegetable garden. my mother would put marigolds in the holes which was not only beautiful, kept away the rabbits! we’d collect the blooms as they died and saved the seeds in an empty cookie tin. the next year about the time the fear of frost was over we’d put the seeds into each hole and have marigolds again

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