550 7th Street: Amazing News!!!

Great News About 550 7th Street!!!!

I cannot express how much 550 7th Street means to me. This 2 unit Italianate West Side cutie was on the City Demolition list and slated for demolition in January of 2012. We begged the City to give us 6 months to find an owner, and they agreed to give us time.
550 7th was the first house ever to be #heartbombed by Buffalo’s Young Preservationists in Feb. 2012! This is the house I discussed in my Keynote speech, in front of thousands of people at NESEA BE12 to explain the need for rehabbing/reinvesting in our cities, not building new in the suburbs. This is the house that made Jason Wilson and I realize that we have to start Buffalove Development AND this is the house that sparked my interest in cracking the code of the #vacancyvortex .

I am happy to let you know that as of today, this $600 dollar house built in 1890 will now be brought back to life instead of thrown in a landfill!!! Thank you Neil LeFort for believing in this house and being persistent with the City purchasing process.
I cannot wait to see this house back to its glory!!! Go Buffalo!Image

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