NESEA BE14 – Accepting Session Proposals!!!

This conference is one of the largest building conferences in the country and I am happy to be a part of the planning committee every year. If you are a building nerd, engineer, urban planner, architect – and you have something to talk about – please consider putting in a proposal for NESEA BE14. I want a ton of Buffalo representation at next years conference!!!

We’re pleased to formally announce our request for proposals for Building Energy 2014 (BE14). Last year, we received over 200 proposals, so it goes without saying that we can’t wait to see this year’s submissions. We will be accepting proposals until June 21, 2013.

Things are a little different this year. We’re launching the new BuildingEnergy “Speaker Console” to help enhance the submission process. Like other RFP services you may have used, your proposal (or proposals) will be linked to your email address and a unique ID, so you can save your work and modify your proposals at a later date. 

Other handy features include:

Alternate Contact
Now you can designate another person to be our point of contact (apart from yourself and your co-presenter). This is also handy if you’re submitting a proposal on behalf of another person.

Unified Proposal Collection
Whether you’re interested doing a workshop, session, or being part of the live demonstration stages, you can manage all your proposals through the Speaker Console.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accept proposals via email; only proposals submitted through the Speaker Console will be considered.


  1. Homes
  2. Multi-Family
  3. Commercial/Institutional
  4. Cities/Zero Net Energy Districts – please note, if you’re considering a proposal for this track, the Track Chair requests you read through these documents before submitting your proposal.
  5. High Performance Mechanicals
  6. What The Pros Want To Know
  7. Fundamentals
  8. Moving The Market/Energy Policy
  9. Renewables
  10. Materials

If these track titles feel broad to you, don’t worry, you’re not off mark. This set of track titles are intended to give each one focus while giving you room to make the case for why your proposal fits into a particular track.

Just letting you know ahead of time – this proposal form is pretty comprehensive. You might not have all the required information on hand the first time around, but don’t worry, that’s where the ability to save your work and return later comes in handy. Why are there more required fields on this form? Great question! We wanted to capture as much information as possible right up front with the idea that, if your proposal is accepted, we’ll be able to make your experience as a speaker that much smoother.

Great! Because of the numerous upgrades to the BE14 RFP process, we recommend reading through the modifiedProposal Process page before you start – it’s quick and easy, and there’s a link to the Speaker Console at the end. 

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and start your proposal via the Speaker Console.

Remember, the RFP period closes June 21, 2013.Image

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