Flower Boxes: A Simple Way to Enhance Street Life

Flower boxes… I’ve never admired them so much before. Look at these beauties in Nantucket.

It’s interesting how much a few flowers can do to upgrade or enhance a window or house… or better yet, the entire street. They speak loudly without saying a word. The vibrant colors, exploding flowers.. Their presence tells the world “hey, we care about this place!”

I will make a more conscious effort when I am back in Buffalo to add planters and flowers where I can. Hopefully others who read this will too!




One thought on “Flower Boxes: A Simple Way to Enhance Street Life

  1. Stacey Bowers

    My neighbor, Joe, is our street’s resident gardener-in-chief, and he has added beautiful planters up and down the street. It is so nice to see them all in bloom. You should come check them out and meet Joe!

    You can see his garden on the Garden Walk website: http://www.gardenwalkbuffalo.com/

    His is #1 of 14, at 84 16th Street

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