BYP – Growing the Herd in Buffalo, NY.

Do you want to do cool things that make the community better?

BYP (Buffalo’s Young Preservationists) want to do a lot of good things for Buffalo including mobile block clubs, clean outs of key properties, painting houses, research buildings, writing grants.. and so much more. If you want to get involved with a bunch of young crazy Buffalo lovers that work hard and play hard – email us at

We need more people to take on projects that they can own and lead. We need folks who see a void in the process and become a leader in an area or with a topic. We need art and better public spaces and people to take on neighborhood leader roles so when there is an issue, the community is aware of it. All of these exciting projects/initiatives can really help save houses, increase investment and building community excitement. (Now that is proactive preservation!)

Anyhow – don’t be afraid to get involved. It’s fun, exciting, stressful, yet very very rewarding.


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