BYP Preservation Speed Dating – Wrap Up & Photos


Monday’s event was a super success! We had over 70 people attend the BYP Preservation Speed Dating event. Our group and the event hit the Buffalo News the next day. We have received several emails and had about 40 new “likes” on our facebook page.

The the wheels are already beginning to turn!

  • Suzanne is now working with Chris Zolokowski to say 595 Fillmore. They are contacting the owner tomorrow!
  • We have an art group email chain that is planning an art event.
  • A photo tour is in the works!
  • A few of our researchers are working on a “research” day to educate interested people on researching buildings!
  • A few of us are working on getting into a dollar house on the West Side that is available.
  • A new website for BYP is in the works.. more to come on that.
  • Trico’s public meeting was attended by several new BYPers and we had a great turn out. (more on that later)

The bigger goal here is to do work and get things done. We want to work with everyone to make Buffalo a better place through preservation, sustainable development and community building.

Here are some photos from the event. If you are interested in helping out in BYP, email us!

BYP Crowd at Sweetness_7 Jason Wilson talks about Trico Save Trico! BYPers.. and Friends!

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