Quick In Rem Update: Busted Pipes

We bought this house in October from the In Rem foreclosure auction. One thing to know about the in rem – Until the deed is filed and in hand, you are not allowed in or on the property… But you are liable for any damages.

This picture shows ice from a broken water pipe. The chairs are covered in ice! The deeds were not recorded and given to us until last week… during the dead of winter. Had we been able to enter the property sooner, get utilities on/off or shut the water off – i know we would not have this type of damage and could have avoided a massive amount of water from entering and freezing the house.

I was pretty bummed until we ran into Dave Harter who is rehabbing his own in rem house on the West Side. He said ” don’t worry, you would have had to replace it anyway” and he’s right!

Anyone want to help us clean this place out??!!!?


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