Design Like You Give A Damn (2) – A Must Read Book!

I will admit, I don’t get around to doing much “Book” related reading as much as I would like.. but this one is a super easy read and comes highly recommended by me to all of my friends who like buildings, architecture, green buildings and high design.

You can read countless reviews about Design Like You Give A Damn (2) via google and they pretty much say the same thing. This book shows ways to invest, love and design our buildings for disaster prep, design, communities and more. It shows off ingenious design techniques that are accessible to most, not just for the elite. The book gives great ideas for funding projects and things you can do at home as well. It is very inspiring!

The best part, this was edited by Architecture for Humanity, a non profit that is dedicated to high design architecture. They have compiled this book to show off the countless projects that help to go beyond the building – designs that  think about neighborhoods, building communities, diversity, sustainability and resilience. Check out their website and projects, the organization seems as though they really have their act together. They bring an expanded view to the norm of architecture and planning, which is something that Buffalo really needs more of. It also looks like they have a Toronto chapter that interested people can be a part of. Neat!

It’s so good. I am thankful that my sister picked this up for me for the holidays. If anyone wants to borrow it , let me know!


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