Save Bethlehem Steel – Call Today!

There was a time when Buffalo had a sound, a heart beat, of thousands of steel workers humming along. The sound was the Buffalo region creating the backbones for buildings across the USA.
The last remains of this heartbeat lay sleeping but are ready for new life. The last remains include the beautiful Bethlehem Steel Office Admin building that we may lose THIS FRIDAY. 


It is NOT too late.
There are creative solutions for this incredible building that do not include demolition.

Steel is a part of all of us. We are blue collar, hard working, tough and sassy Buffalonians with a big heart. We deserve to have the Bethlehem Steel Admin building shine for years to come. Please, do your part and call the owners. It is not too late!

Tomorrow, call Steve Detwiler at home at 662-1555 or at the office at 826-7310 to voice your displeasure over the demolition of his Beth Steel building.

Get involved –

If you want to do more, email me ASAP. There is always more to do!


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