Relocate to Buffalo!

Note: Apparently this is old, I didn’t see a date.. But who cares, it’s still awesome.

Buffalo is ranked number TWO in the Best Cities to Relocate To in America by CNBC. Holy awesome! The ranking beats out cities like Denver, Minneapolis and Madison!

Buffalo is so great. Although I am semi surprised, I shouldn’t be. We do have a lot to offer!

You can see all of the cities that ranked here.

2. Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY

Buffalo is an older, industrial city that has “gone through a sort of gut-wrenching transition into the 21st Century,” Sperling says. And now that it’s gotten over the bumps, it’s a great place to live. 

The Buffalo-Niagara Falls area has a growing arts scene and it’s affordable: The cost of living is 14.4 percent below the national average, and the average home price is $119,700, well below the national average of $171,700. 

There are more than 20 parks in Buffalo, earning it the nickname, “City of Trees,” and for all you sports fans, it’s home of the Buffalo Bills football team and Buffalo Sabres hockey team. As for Niagara Falls, the city has moved from an industrial center to a more sustainable tourism-based economy, and with the opening of the Conference Center Niagara Falls a few years ago, it now attracts more business travelers. 

The unemployment rate in the region is 8.3 percent, below the national average. Health care and education are the fastest growing industries here. 

Companies That Are Hiring Now: Synacor, M

&T Bank, Kaleida Health and HSBC Bank, according to

Here are a couple photos to inspire you to move here! Go Buffalo.

Elmwood Village in Buffalo, NY
Elmwood Village in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Silo City in Buffalo, NY
Buffalo skyline!
Buffalo skyline!

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