New Good Hood Article – BuffaLOVE Our Vacant Lots

This is my newest article in the Good Neighborhood called – 7 ways to love up vacant lots across the City.

With a great deal of vacant lots going unsold at the In Rem Foreclosure Auction this week, I thought it would be fun to post some creative ideas on how to reuse our vacant lots. I have been collecting ideas (see bocce article!) and photos all summer of vacant lots and these 7 only scratch the surface but they seemed the most practical and applicable to our rust belt landscape.

Big high fives go to both the West and East Sides for thinking outside of the box with our vacant lots. As I wrote and did a little more research, I became even more impressed with the amount of effort there is out there.

Note – these ideas do not apply to everywhere and anywhere. These are just ideas, thoughts and examples of what Cities are doing with them. I love the idea of semi permanent infill, its permanent in the way that it helps to create neighborhood activity and increase value but also removable just  in case houses and other structures want to go there one day.

If you have other ideas – send them my way!

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