Music Is Back In My Life!

I’m starting to make/play music again!
It’s dreamy music that makes you think of going to a prom in 1988.

More info to come soon.




Demolition of the Cigar Building.

I took these tonight… I will post more info later. I’m mad, exhausted and annoyed with this.

This Cigar building is in a historic district and it’s history and charm sat vacant and rotting away for the past 10 years while the owner waited for an emergency demolition to be allowed. He purposefully did a demo by neglect and even worse, the preservation board was not told about this demolition. The whole process is illegal. It’s unacceptable. I doubt there were even fines or violations for this building. We need transparency in our government. The city does not want to be viewed as “pro demo” but continues to allow this?

I spoke with the Toronto owner rep on site at about 11pm tonight. He mentioned he’s been waiting to demolish it because now its a shovel ready site, which will help develop it because the building was a “burden” for the redevelopment. He pointed out the old safes still inside with the Buffalo, Ny engraved and that he had old posters he found inside that would be of value one day. I wish he saw value in the building like he did the posters…

What a missed opportunity. Looks like another parking lot will be here with no plan in sight.
More to come. Check for more info.




The 500 Block of Main Street.

If you haven’t been down to see all the progress on the 500 block of main street, you must go!

This photo captures just a small portion of the art & all kinds of other great things happening down there. From chalk events to Block Club moving down there… The landscape is quickly changing.

Do yourself a favor and take a walk around. There are new offices, new art studios, new places to eat.. It’s been a quick and very progressive transformation!

The 500 block has had several players in the mix helping to lead it into a positive direction. I included some links below for you to read, just in case you’re interested in learning more.

Here is the Facebook for the 500 block group.

Here is a link to the master plan from the Urban Design Project at UB.


Potential on Genesee Street!

How could someone not love these cuties? And of course they are directly across the street from the newly rehabbed Genesee Gateway.

I am investigating the situation now…


Girl Talk at the Buffalo Outer Harbor

Girl Talk, a mash up DJ from Pittsburgh, played last week at the outer harbor. Not only did he rock it, I’m still in awe about the setting of the show.

The show was at the outer harbor where the old pier night club used to be. Ever been there? Its rad.. really rad.

I swear I thought I was at Coachella Fest. The sun setting, the heat, the lake, the grain elevators behind us, the thousands of people and the Buffalo skyline.. what a truly unique experience.

Let’s have more shows out at the outer harbor, please.