Donn Esmonde on Trico!

Donn Esmonde posted this article (below) yesterday in the buffalo news. Its something that i feel very strongly about. Saving trico and reusing it is the only way to go. We have seen several reuse projects like it and there is a demand for space in the medical campus! Reuse is a no brainer. Let’s hope the BNMC and Oishei can come together on this to do the right thing.

“The $10 million naming-rights gift Tuesday for the coming John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital came with a dose of irony.

Oishei made his fortune selling windshield wipers. The company he founded was Trico. Trico’s now-vacant plant sits at the edge of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The expanding campus – of which the coming hospital will be a major piece – threatens the existence of the multibuilding Trico complex, which Medical Campus officials have talked about demolishing.
In other words, a gift from the foundation set up by Trico’s founder contributes to the expansion of the campus that threatens the landmark Trico building’s future.
All of which, Tom Yots hopes, makes Medical Campus officials more reluctant to call for the wrecking ball.
“The BNMC people . control the building that ultimately made this [$10 million] gift possible,” said Yots, head of Preservation Buffalo Niagara. “It needs to be stabilized until we find a [reuse]. . Who thought even five years ago that a Rocco Termini would come along and transform the Lafayette Hotel?”
Stay tuned. A feasibility study is due in a few weeks. I have a hard time imagining Medical Campus officials building for the future with an Oishei Foundation gift while erasing the edifice that is part of the man’s legacy.”


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