Bernice Buffalove: New Column for the Good Neighborhood Blog!

I now have a column at the Good Hood! For those who don’t know what that is – it is a blog that promotes all things good in Buffalo!

What This Column Is All About:

“I’d like to start my column with an introduction of where I see it going. I usually write for my personal blog – – however, in The Good Hood, it will be a little different. I think I will focus on neat “must attend” or “must see” events happening in Buffalo – but in more detail and with a little more of a Bernice twist. No one pays me to do this; it’s just fun to get people interested in our great city. All articles will be dedicated to the greater good and will help to ignite the spark in people to attend or try new things…or just love Buffalo a little bit more!”

You can read it here!

Bernice Buffalove at Silo City.

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