Toronto’s Underpass Park Should Inspire Buffalo: Let’s Light Up the Skyway.

Disclaimer – I cannot tear the skyway down so take your anger out on the DOT, not me… Thank you!

Here is an idea…

Buffalo has a skyway. Let’s light it up!!

Ok, here me out here. It’s not very pretty, no one likes it and it does a great job at disconnecting our Canalside district from Downtown. Considering the City of Buffalo just invested in the skyways infrastructure.. we pretty much have to deal with it. The Peace Bridge has seen new life through the use of lighting… the skyway should be next in line.

So where does this inspiration come from!!??? Toronto,of course!

When visiting Toronto this weekend, I saw this underpass shining brightly with LEDs! What a simple way to light up a usually vacant, lifeless space. Of course, the lights in Toronto reminded me of the Buffalo skyway, so I decided to do some research.

I found out that the lights are a permanent Toronto art project called “water table” to represent the waters of Lake Ontario. Click here for more information and see the video embeded below. The art project was a simple idea which required a fairly simple install. Most importantly, the lights helps to connect a walk way between the river and downtown, providing a safe and seamless transfer from one area to the next. Neat!

Well, when doing some more digging, I realized that just this week, Toronto celebrated the opening of The Underpass Park that is equipped with a skate park and playground. The area is nicely lit and open for all ages to enjoy. What a great use of space! You can find some incredible images of the new park here.

So, that brings us back to Buffalo… A few months back, Buffalorising posted this article about an LED pilot project that lit the skyway up at night. The question is, where is the follow up? Will it ever be permanent? We haven’t heard anything more since the pilot. Lighting would be a great addition to all of the wonderful things happening in the Canalside district.

Lets light up the skyway, Buffalo!

Video Credit: Jason Wilson.

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