Sailing in Buffalo, NY.

Can you imagine what people pay to have a sailboat in places like NYC or Boston?

Well, I looked. Its $118 dollars per foot in Boston and a minimum of $2700 dollars in NYC just for the season! In Buffalo? It cost between $900 – $1200 dollars depending on size for the season. Thats half of NYC and you can sail to Cleveland and back if you want to. Buffalo for the win, again!

Well, this post is to let you in on a little secret: Sailing in Buffalo is affordable and really fun!

Not only do you avoid paying high gas prices for power boats but you also can get a sail boat pretty cheap because they don’t have a lot of mechanical’s to them!  I would have never guessed this, as I grew up without sailing in my life.. but it really is fun!

Jason bought a smaller sized sailboat (Catalina 22) a few years ago and we have been sailing with it all summer. It has been such a blast to take it out, enjoy the summer air and take in the beautiful Buffalo skyline. Buffalo really has a great harbor because it is protected by the break wall, which is nice to have when it is very windy and you want to sail!

We want to and need to encourage others to  embrace Buffalo’s water front. With the Buffalo Place harbor concerts, sailing, kayaks, boat tours, the grain elevators.. I mean, there is so much to do its truly unbelievable. Hopefully soon enough we can get some little beach cottages, light up the skyway and turn a couple grain elevators into neat living spaces!

So, get out there and enjoy our waterfront! (Just don’t tip the boat over!)

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