Montreal: Embracing Their Silos

We could learn a thing or two from Montreal when it comes to Grain Elevators!

Montreal has a Grain Elevator Park!    (Click on the link for website!)

Jason and I could not believe our eyes when we saw pop up restaurants, a SPA, small boats and a walking path that was surrounding the Silos of Montreal. We walked the path, relaxed in the grass, wandered over the new, colorful bridges and could almost touch these incredible giants… and we were allowed!

The best part was the SILOPHONE which basically was a “microphone” hooked into the grain elevators that played back your echoing voice through the grain elevators. It was so neat! (A little side note, you can do this standing inside our grain elevators at Silo City but its not open to the public right now…)

Now, Buffalo has done some amazing things over the past year with our Grain Elevators but you could tell that Montreal really embraced these sleeping giants and encouraged people to enjoy them! I realize we are creating beautiful parks on the other side of Marine A.. but man, a SPA or even a small pop up restaurant would be amazing… Just a thought!

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