Buffalo’s Young Preservationists: Creating Friendships For a Successful Future!

I wanted to show this photo which was taken by Forgotten Buffalo from the Buffalo’s Young Preservationists (BYP) event last night at Mickeys on Fillmore ave. This photo really shows strength, love and a good group of Buffalo change makers of all ages!

As I said last night, although we have several preservation battles in our face, it is important to come together once in a while and laugh, drink and bond. That is what is wonderful about the BYP Happy Hour. Of course we talk preservation but we also start planning events, talking important Buffalo facts and most importantly, we create friendships that will stay for years to come.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night. The event was filled with excitement, history, care and laughs.

Lets try to remember these happy times when we are angry, upset and infuriated over an issue. (Dana Saylor has the best angry face ever!) More importantly, lets remember that we are all in this together under ONE preservation umbrella that makes Buffalo a better place. It doesn’t matter if we are young, old or ancient. We are all in this together.

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