Growing the Herd: Engaging and Employing our Newest Urban Planners!


We already lost one amazing urban planner who would have helped make Buffalo better to MONTANA. Another friend is considering a move to Syracuse because of a job offer there…

BUFFALO, If we want to keep these smart  preservation/planning kids here to make Buffalo better, we HAVE to keep them engaged and get them hired somewhere (even if it is not ideal) so they can stay and make ties and connections here in BUFFALO.

As a recent grad, I cannot stress how important it is to get students hired or actively engaged into the city and what they are passionate about. If we cannot pull them in, they graduate and leave for a bigger, better place. I had the same decision to make and it was tough and I LOVE Buffalo… Do I stay or do I go?  Because we do not have the allure of Portland or NYC, we as a community, need to work harder and smarter to find opportunities for these students during college but also directly out of college so they stay.

The Histpress blog is a great resource for Buffalo preservation jobs. Check here for details:


1. I want all the urban planning/preservation/economic development grads to send me their resumes.

2. I want all the professional, community development people to send me your job opportunities, internships, summer help  – whatever you have.

My email is:

Lets keep these people busy so they sign another one year apartment lease. The more time they spend here, the more dedicated they become!

Surprise in the Suburbs!

As a real lover of buildings, bricks and cities, I was shocked to see this little guy siting vacant on TRANSIT ROAD in Depew.The bricks along the top north wall/parapet are falling from years of water infiltration.. But besides that, based on an exterior inspection, this is a cute little brick structure that could have a long, healthy life – if rehabbed and given some much needed TLC.
Unfortunately, by the looks of the barriers surrounding the place, this is probably slated for demolition.

The suburbs rarely have these older buildings and really should hold onto them, if they can… The cities have learned just how valuable these types of buildings are because of their adaptability and durability. They are classic and built with strong materials and techniques that are rarely used today.

I am curious to know what the fate of this little guy is.I am doing the research now….Stay tuned…


550 7th Street: New Life??!!??

Okay Buffalovers..  I have been meaning to do an update on this wonderful little house on the West Side for a while now. It’s not very often that these demo houses see a happy ending, so I am happy to write about one!

To give you a recap on my history with 550 7th street- I feel in love with it because it was on the demo list and one of the cutest little Italianate houses I’ve ever seen. I got it off the demo list (through working with the city). Myself, Jason and other BYPers heart bombed it for Valentines Day and I even spoke about it during my keynote speech in Boston this past March.

Well,  I am proud to announce that as of today, 550 7th street is in the process of being purchased from the city by a young man who is just as in love with its charm and history and wants to restore it to its full potential. I am so happy to hear this news because I was very reluctant to pull the trigger on buying it. With it being just me, I was worried about the Peace Bridge, the neighborhood crime and most importantly – finding the money to rehab it correctly. Hopefully all the paperwork process goes through, the transaction is smooth and the new owner can start bringing this baby back to life!!!

Here are the photos from my walk through of the house back in March. What a dreamy little house. The original round windows and Italianate staircase are still intact. The foundation is solid and the bones are still strong. The roof needs work but that’s okay.

I am just so excited that this house has found an owner. I am hoping to do an interview and a blog post with updates on the progress of the house.

Lastly, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who asked, believed, wanted and offered help to me to get this house off the ground. There are a lot of people that really came out to help me with guidance and I truly appreciate it.      I am pushing on to something bigger but that is all I will say for now… 🙂

550 7th st – micro update!

I learned today that someone is buying the house I love on 7th! While this is sad to me, it’s really what I hoped for because I was hesitant to pull the tigger due to the up front costs and neighborhood. More details very shortly! Exciting news!!!



If Artspace was rehabbed successfully and had severe environmental issues found during the rehab.. than why can’t Trico be reused?!!?

Both buildings are very similar in style and structure. Artspace has very low vacancy rates and has helped to change the neighborhood. Its open floor plans are ideal – open, large and high ceilings.. Just like trico…

…And of course I am sitting at an event right now that is occurring in celebration of Artspace and the historic tax credit process that helped to save it but people still continue to want to demolish Trico or parts of Trico which if done, would remove all historic tax credit options or rehab…


Bernice Radle for Mayor?

Artvoice published this “best of buffalo” results article today which happened to feature my “If I ran for mayor” essay that I sent in when filling out my ballot…. It’s exciting to see so much support for my mayoral plan but now my secrets are out!!! haha! (well, not quite… I have a lot more up my sleeve…) It was also great to see Marilyn’s comments (she is such a dynamo!) and also that there was some humor that came out of it. I bet it was fun for artvoice to read all of the essays.

Everyone knows how much I love Buffalo and that I try my hardest to boost/promote this city with all of my heart. Being mayor would be really neat and I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it… 🙂

Here is what the article says… the ending is the best part. Thanks to Artvoice for their support!

Bernice Radle has a 14-point plan for her administration:

• If I was mayor of Buffalo, I would first let everyone know that I am not in this for under the table deals and monies and push for transparency in local government.

• Promote regionalism in our government decisions including tax breaks, urban planning initatives, investment and new building decisions.

• Advocate for smart growth regionally as well as within the city to encourage a walkable, dense, transit oriented city that builds off of our current built environment.

• Implement a city wide inventory of all of our building stock. This will allow us to make better urban planning decisions, figure out who should or should not be in housing court, advocate for pro development of our existing vacant buildings, understand how large our vacant housing crisis is and address it, promote and sell existing real estate that the city owns that can be rehabbed instead of being demolished etc..

• Overhaul of the NFTA, get bike racks on every bus, have consistant bus schedules, have an online app where you can track the bus, bring back low transfer rates and the ability to use the credit card on the train.

• Create a grant program for local people who want to buy houses that the city owns. Use current demolition/rehab money to promote rehab of our building stock instead of removing it.

• Implement a preservation plan – city wide which will be based on the city wide building stock inventory results, the current preservation districts, the department of interior preservation standards and other city needs.

• Throw a Buffalo party in a grain elevator.

• Push the green code to take away minimum parking requirements and minimum lot sizes.

• Help build the green economic zone that PUSH is doing by creating a green incentive program city wide for small energy initiatives.

• Implement the complete streets program with bicycle lanes next to the sidewalks, innovative ideas on street scapes including low impact development, smart cross walk ideas, street scape improvements.

• Bring ECC downtown – all three campuses in one hub.

• Light up the skyway and the grain elevators with a solar array and LED technology.

• Develop a city wide model based on Buffalo First! to promote local, regional initatives and incentives for our local economy.

Hallelujah to all that—anyone have a ballot line Bernice can run on?

The Buffalo Pumping Station!

How incredible is this place? The historic Buffalo pumping station is still being used today. I would recommend visiting this place if you ever get the chance. What a beautiful piece of history!

Buffalo is filled with so many treasures… I love that I still fall in love everyday with this city.


Trico comic!

This comic was put in Sundays Buffalo Newspaper. After speaking with Adam (the artist) to get the full detail on what this means, he confirmed that he wanted to show the public that the preservationists still can water trico and save it/bring it back to life!