Surprise in the Suburbs!

As a real lover of buildings, bricks and cities, I was shocked to see this little guy siting vacant on TRANSIT ROAD in Depew.The bricks along the top north wall/parapet are falling from years of water infiltration.. But besides that, based on an exterior inspection, this is a cute little brick structure that could have a long, healthy life – if rehabbed and given some much needed TLC.
Unfortunately, by the looks of the barriers surrounding the place, this is probably slated for demolition.

The suburbs rarely have these older buildings and really should hold onto them, if they can… The cities have learned just how valuable these types of buildings are because of their adaptability and durability. They are classic and built with strong materials and techniques that are rarely used today.

I am curious to know what the fate of this little guy is.I am doing the research now….Stay tuned…


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