Growing the Herd: Engaging and Employing our Newest Urban Planners!


We already lost one amazing urban planner who would have helped make Buffalo better to MONTANA. Another friend is considering a move to Syracuse because of a job offer there…

BUFFALO, If we want to keep these smart  preservation/planning kids here to make Buffalo better, we HAVE to keep them engaged and get them hired somewhere (even if it is not ideal) so they can stay and make ties and connections here in BUFFALO.

As a recent grad, I cannot stress how important it is to get students hired or actively engaged into the city and what they are passionate about. If we cannot pull them in, they graduate and leave for a bigger, better place. I had the same decision to make and it was tough and I LOVE Buffalo… Do I stay or do I go?  Because we do not have the allure of Portland or NYC, we as a community, need to work harder and smarter to find opportunities for these students during college but also directly out of college so they stay.

The Histpress blog is a great resource for Buffalo preservation jobs. Check here for details:


1. I want all the urban planning/preservation/economic development grads to send me their resumes.

2. I want all the professional, community development people to send me your job opportunities, internships, summer help  – whatever you have.

My email is:

Lets keep these people busy so they sign another one year apartment lease. The more time they spend here, the more dedicated they become!

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