550 7th Street: New Life??!!??

Okay Buffalovers..  I have been meaning to do an update on this wonderful little house on the West Side for a while now. It’s not very often that these demo houses see a happy ending, so I am happy to write about one!

To give you a recap on my history with 550 7th street- I feel in love with it because it was on the demo list and one of the cutest little Italianate houses I’ve ever seen. I got it off the demo list (through working with the city). Myself, Jason and other BYPers heart bombed it for Valentines Day and I even spoke about it during my keynote speech in Boston this past March.

Well,  I am proud to announce that as of today, 550 7th street is in the process of being purchased from the city by a young man who is just as in love with its charm and history and wants to restore it to its full potential. I am so happy to hear this news because I was very reluctant to pull the trigger on buying it. With it being just me, I was worried about the Peace Bridge, the neighborhood crime and most importantly – finding the money to rehab it correctly. Hopefully all the paperwork process goes through, the transaction is smooth and the new owner can start bringing this baby back to life!!!

Here are the photos from my walk through of the house back in March. What a dreamy little house. The original round windows and Italianate staircase are still intact. The foundation is solid and the bones are still strong. The roof needs work but that’s okay.

I am just so excited that this house has found an owner. I am hoping to do an interview and a blog post with updates on the progress of the house.

Lastly, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who asked, believed, wanted and offered help to me to get this house off the ground. There are a lot of people that really came out to help me with guidance and I truly appreciate it.      I am pushing on to something bigger but that is all I will say for now… 🙂

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