Trico Meetings This Week!

There are THREE important preservation meetings this week that are happening for Trico!

Wednesday, April 18th – BYP happy hour at Ulrichs Tavern. A letter writing session will be set up to write to common council members and the mayor. Should be exciting! 7pm start.

Thursday, April 19th @ 1pm – trico reuse study meeting. Location is TBD. Basically this will be a group of people coming together to discuss an adaptive reuse plan for trico. Although I am not sure how effective this meeting will be, I do see the value in attending and getting an idea of where Trico is headed. Doug swift is now in charge of creating a reuse study for trico and he has a very good preservation reputation in Buffalo. I think that the more people who want to preserve the building that are there, the more that can help to drive the preservation agenda forward.

Tuesday April 24th @2pm – LOCAL LANDMARK HEARING!!!! City hall! The common council needs to hear from the public on why trico should be locally landmarked. Everyone must attend if they can! This is very very important. If it is locally landmarked, we can fight a demolition request!

Go Trico!

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